SATURDAY (black), 5/27/2017=6=Heru=Will Power; the Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit Mythology.
RENEWABLE ENERGY DAY CROWNED IN KKVV To Be Formalized at the First Solar Informational Meeting
Today will forever be known as “Renewable Energy Day” in KKVV. It is a day crowned as such to dramatize the urgency to use Renewable Energy as the surest way to make a meaningful contribution to make our planet more livable. On this day, we shall put aside the need to check the culprits who continue to pollute our planet. Instead we double down on our determination to use only Renewable Resources when possible.
So from hence forth, May 27 will be called Renewable Energy Day in KKVV. It is the 5th day that we habitually highlight during the Solar Cycle Journeys in KKVV: #1 is The First Day of Spring. On this day, we focus on Spiritually and Physically planting during the Present Solar Cycle Journey.
We are still interviewing individuals with interest in to connecting to KKVV. If you have an interest; or would like to have a better understanding about what we are talking about, I have written a “Ton” of words describing what we are doing her to evolve KKVV as a “Place of Destination for Black people during Crises; to visit, to embark on Nat Turner Trail tours; to publish; to farm & etc. So please research past postings, then call 434-378-2140, 10 am to 3pm.


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN RENEWABLE ENERGY WILL HELP TO SAVE REMAINING BLACK OWNED LAND…It is fairly well known that perhaps, the most important practicing Black economist history, Dr. Robert S. Browne published a report in the 1970’s that told us “In 1913 Black people owned 13 million acres of land in the USA. Today they own less than 1 million.”
How many do we own today? A lot less than 1 million acres because the reasons for the losses continued: Stealing by White people; non payment of Taxes; Elders holding land too long – waiting for children to return, etc. Today, the most important reason is lack of sound advice about what to do when they can no longer work the land.
The last reason today will be addressed Tomorrow, May 27, 2017 when Solar Energy expert, Lloyd Wynn returns to KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia) bearing gifts. He will be joined by a few of our land owning neighbors, as well as others who are looking for a great Career path; or just want to find out how to lower their energy bill.
If you are in the area, come by at 10:30 to 12:30. Call 434-378-2140 for more information, including directions about how to get to 26070 Barhams Hills Road – Drewryville, VA 23844

Wednesday (brown), 5/25/2017 =4=Maat: “LET THE FUN BEGIN”

I wondered the same thing when I first heard from her. She called to tell me that she had a book that NEEDED to be published. This was not unlike conversations I have had with some 5,000 to 10,000 other writers, and would be writers, over the course of the past four decades. In only the first few seconds of discussion, I sensed this caller was not ordinary. But though I am a pretty good estimator about Black writers, I needed more information about her.
I asked was her book fiction or non-fiction. She said non-fiction. I then asked her to tell me a little about her book; and why she’d said it NEEDED to be published. She gave me an ear full of some of the most captivating information I’d ever heard. It was about the culture that I grew up in, in the South Bronx, NYC back in the 1950’s on Brook Ave. between 169th and Kinderman Place. This was a place that was full of the Elders and Black youth that shaped my life to become, perhaps, the largest Black publisher in the Black world.
But Brook Ave was also ravished with drugs, prostitution, Gang bangers & etc. Back then the devastating drug was heroin, coke, & etc. These drugs was similar to, and had a similar effect on the abuser, but also nothing can compare to the way “Crack cocaine” tore through Black America during the time of this sister.
The Sister on the other end of the phone call was Teresa Queen Johnson. She told me that she had lived and survived the “Brook Ave.” culture experience. She was obviously highly intelligent and educated in “The System.” And I imagined she was a beauty to look at. I then asked her the question that would give me a indication about how she was using her obvious intelligence. I asked, ‘what book are you presently reading.’
“Developmental Psychology of the Black Child,” by Dr. Amos N. Wilson.” Great! This was the 5th of more than 500 UBUS published books. I asked had she read any other books by Dr. Wilson.
“I have read all that could find by Dr. Wilson.” I told her to send me her manuscript to evaluate. She did and my estimation of her intelligence, education and beauty was confirmed. Queen Teresa Johnson won the UBUS “Best New Writer Black Book Awards” the next year.
She won in the year it was presented in Charlotte, N. C. Dr. Omar Reid, author of “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder” won the Carter G. Woodson Award that year. He also made a riveting speech. But I daresay, that the speech most of the guests remember was the dynamic, moving, informative speech by Dr. Teresa Queen Johnson. Queen Teresa Johnson will be out Guest Speaker the 23rd Black Book Award next week: June 3. Come and see and hear for yourself.

THURSDAY (purple), 5/25/2017=4=Maat=Human Being Vision of Divine Order.

SATURDAY (black), 6/25/2016=22=Maat. Thoughts on Degrees of Mastery: A Human A vision to practice replication of the Divine Order of Creation. Maat is a standard to measure our degree of mastery of a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that we use in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds. Law.
We must strive to use/practice the delineated “Laws of Maat” to overcome challenges and issues in life with Justice for All. The amount of righteousness practiced to achieve desired results determines the number of degrees in our attainment of mastery.
The “Laws of Maat” are delineated from The Melanin Law of The Creation. Our Learned Ancestors of Ancient Kemit delineated the laws to make it easier to practice and master The Law.
The lowest degree of mastery is stupidity, or “Very low frequency” (as my Maven Sister FB Friend Mystic Rose might say) . The highest end is to conceive of the Divine Order in every Person, Place or Thing and say “Be” to bring order to any desired situation or condition. This is the possibility and aim during Conscious observations and practice during the Solar Cycle Journey.
The estimation of how well we do in each Solar Cycle is measured at The Final Judgment; a time near or at the end of the annual harvest in December. This is what the proverbial feather in Ancient Kemit is about. That is, your character/heart must balance the weight of a feather on the scale of justice: A Final Judgment for the particular Solar Cycle Journey will be rendered. The Rendering will be in the awarding of certain degrees of Righteousness.
The degree of Righteousness may be indicated with adaptation of a new name or title; the title indicates the level of Mastery we have attained to from birth to that particular time in the Present Solar Cycle Journey. If 360 degrees of Mastery have not been attained, the title will indicate the challenges we are tasked to overcome through practice of The “Laws of Maat” in the next Solar Cycle.
The remainder within the particular Solar Cycle, after Final Judgment is rendered is a period called the Amen; it is used to prepare for our practice during the next Solar Cycle Journey. Those of us who are “Conscious Travelers on the Present Solar Journey” are busy practicing with Persons, Places & Thing we prepared to relate to during the Present Solar Cycle Journey. We are now in the first Vernal Equinox, the planting season.
Some of us are mating, or trying to; or engaging in less sexy kinds of planting. The most important of the less sexy kind of planting is planting into beds of good earth that we prepared during the Amen period. Equally important during this planting season is our Spiritual planting. Spiritual planting is into the Virtual Beds we have prepared in our minds; this our Spiritual Planting.
It is not accidental that several practitioners have introduced and offered their particular disciplines to KKVV in general and to me in particular during this time. And we are very thankful for the Spiritual gifts. We are evaluating them for possible inculcation with our regular traditional planting: that is, what we were already preparing, both Physically and Spiritually at time. PEACE/HOTEP/AS SALAAM ALAIKUM!

May 20 2017 Sebek Saturday America Reaping Karma for Electing POTUS Donald Trump etc.

SATURDAY (black), 5/20/2017=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is the name of the delineated “Law of Maat” that brings Persons, Places and Things together to make what humans consider to be wholes. As such, it allow for practice to make entities in similitude to the Creation of the Universal All. Since “Practice makes perfect” it gives us great opportunities to attain degrees of mastery of the nature of The Creator. The Creators nature is to Create. But herein, also, is our most perilous, disastrous, dangerous wrongful way of thinking.
If we aren’t super careful we may forget, go into error or make egregious mistakes. When it is said that: “Power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely,” this is what is indicated.
When we forget we may mindlessly not remember that the delineated “Law of Maat” called Sebek is but one principle part of The One Universal Melanin Law (unblemished). When we forget we are subject to go into error; and when we error we are more likely to make the misstate and think we have mastered the process, or processes of life. The consequences will be reaped sooner or later. The consequences is what Human Beings call Karma.
We are witnessing a glaring, open example of such peril on the world stage in the present time. POTUS Donald Trump was not checked (for his lies alone); and dealt with accordingly anyplace along the way to be elected. His success is because he successfully tapped into the mindset (more correctly is mindless set), he appealed to a spiritually diminished people who were empowered by the experimental, false notion of White Supremacy based systems called The United States of America: The karma is being reaped as consequences of the white supremacy based systems (the systems of DOJ, FBI, Education, EPA & etc.).
Usually when White America & others, who have the same “Mindless set,” get into the karma POTUS is in, Black men or Black women come forth and save them. Some are trying, but most in the National Black Community who have a certain degree of UNDERSTANDING of KNOWledge about what is happening are busy; we’re using the equivalent degree of WISDOM, derived from the understanding, to act to empower ourselves. How so you may be wondering?
In short, we are wisely trying to abide in the instructions of our Learned Ancestors. They not only warned us about what was going to happen to the “False experiment;” they also instructed us about how to prepare, in the eventuality that the “Experiment in the false notion of white supremacy” to govern a people was not stopped, and correct measures taken to heal the abused subjects of the experiment. The healing begins with the payment of Reparations.
The election of POTUS Donald Trump tells us that a descive majority are not availing themselves of the opportunity to mitigate the karma from their past deeds: they are still digging a deeper hole into white Supremacy based oppression. Meanwhile, what it tells us with certain degrees of understanding about the instructions from our Ancestors is, to double down in striving to follow their instructions.
I understand the above statement puts me under scrutiny to show and prove what this Sebek is building at KKVV. Come and see: The “SOLAR INFORMATIONAL MEETING” next Saturday offers a chance. Also the Saturday Afterwards.; THE BLACK BOOK AWARDS: Call 434-378-2140 for more information. If you’d like to make a donation so we can better serve the ones who will be here, or make a deposit on a future visit, my Paypal address is at


We have agreed to terms to enter the explosive Renewable Energy Industry. Specifically, we will be introducing both the retail side and the wholesale side of the industry.
I hope you agree that too often, we are the consumers of our “Creature Comforts” as well as that of our necessities. Solar Energy, like the Internet is the most democratic Large industry, ever, in our history. I endeavor to offer a chance for the willing to come and be introduced to how I am sharing a great opportunity with the above in mind.
As i have for more 43 years in business, empowering the National Black Community is always my 3rd Priority: #1 is Self #2 is Family. I have had a keen interest in Renewable Energy for many, many years. My “Plate” today is quite full so when the opportunity arrived to enter into the industry, i did not recognize it at first. But luckily the one offering the opportunity is one of my long Writers and trusted Friends.
His name is Lloyd Wynn, JD, DFCP. Lloyd is taking time from a busy schedule to come to The Nat Turner Library to assist my introducing a Solar Business Opportunity to my friends and neighbors. He will answer questions about how to buy and resell retail as well as wholesale.
The meeting is next Saturday, May 27 at 10:30 A. M. Call me at 434-378-2140 for more information.

Celebrating Independent Black Publishing: A Tribute To Khalifah’s 43rd Year, 500 Book Titles Published

May 10, 2017
Dear African Man or Woman, Author or not,
We invite you to attend and participate at the 23rd Black Book Awards Gathering in our continuing work to “Validate, authenticate and celebrate Black Literature.” This year’s Event will also be a show of appreciation to Independent Black Publishing: A Tribute to Publisher H. Khalif Khalifah.
I expect you will agree, the works of H. Khalif Khalifah over the past 43 years have impacted significantly on both the production of Black Literature and to building a National Marketplace for Black Literature. He is the Founder of UBUS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS as well as founder and Senior Tour Guide for The Nat Turner Trail.
UBUS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS is the Publisher, or Re-publisher, of some of the most important books in the history of Black people: they include, “Developmental Psychology of the Black Child,” “The Mis-Education of The Negro,” “ Message to the Blackman,” “Stolen Legacy,” “Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder” & “The Willie Lynch Letters & The Making of a Slave.” The chances are excellent that UBUS had and is having an impact one way or another on your literature needs, especially if you are a independently published writer or Bookseller.
Black Book Awards is a serious endeavor to “Authenticate, Validate and Celebrate Black Literature.” The 2-days weekend also offers a promotion and sales opportunity to everyone who registers and attend. On Day one, June 3, 2017, all participants will be afforded speaking time to discuss self and your experiences autograph and sell books & things. During the evening, we will treat you to a gala dinner, Special Guest & a Wholesome Social Networking opportunity.
On Day 2 we make a “Return Visit and Tour the Nat Turner Trail.” After the historic tour we return for dinner and discussion about Nat Turner. If you care to join us, a weekend package can be purchased for $75.00. The Package includes two dinner meals, unlimited beverages and the bus tour of the Nat Turner Trail Tour. As per usual, purchase of the Package is optional: you may pay as you go or not purchase anything at all. Call 434-378-2140.
All activities, save The Nat Turner Trail Tour will be in Kujichagulia Village in The Nat Turner Library Building: 26070 Barhams Hills, Road – Drewryville, Va 23844. 434-378-2140.

***Attached is also a history of H. Khalif Khalifah. Whether you attend, or not, please acknowledge that you care about “Excellence in Black Literature.” A Commemorative Journal” will be published as a monument to Black Literature. If you would like to have your name or that of your publication or business in it for a small fee, please RSVP: Targeted publication date, August 21, 2017

MONDAY (blue), 5/15/2017=3=Sekher=Power. A Treatise on Empowerment In KKVV ManUp Camps

MONDAY (blue), 5/15/2017=3=Sekher=Power. Our immediate use of power is the ability to overcome all challenges and issue to achieve our objectives, especially our necessities in life. Sekher is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that empowers our desire to do the things necessary to get the tasks done. Most of the things, we need not think consciously about; things like breathing, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling & etc.
Then there are the things we must think consciously, and act deliberately about to achieve our objectives. The former are ours automatically, but the latter you must do certain degrees of “Right things, at Right times, in Right state of mind. The innate power to do Right is ours just as surely as breathing and seeing, but we must consciously execute our Words, Acts & Deeds to enjoy them: i.e. (examples), Freedom, Justice & Equality for Humans is a Human Right. So is loving and caring for our mates and children in a secure community.
But if you do not use the innate power within you to “Do Right things, at the Right Times in the Right states of mind” you will not enjoy Human Rights of Freedom, Justice & Equality – empowering you to protect your loved ones.
The use of their innate power is instilled within Participants in KKVV Manup Camps; especially into Black Youth. For example, many Youth lose their lives because they haven’t been given empowering instructions about how to protect/defend themselves in confrontations with police in particular; but within the “White Supremacy based systems of oppression called the United States of America,” in general; they have not been instructed about how to maintain command of their own Personal space.
When police stop you, they do so within your own Personal space. Credible Rites of Passage into Black Manhood programs teaches how to maximize abilities to survive this and other life threatening situations. Indeed, “Role models,” for the mass majority of Black youth, themselves, have been Black men who have NOT yet taken rites of Passages into Black Manhood.
During an enforced pause, we have taken an analysis & assessment from hundreds of Participants who have gone through KKVV Man up Camps. Apparently, until we can act on conclusions from the assessment, there will not be another Camp. Also, we know we must offer the program to Blackmen over 40 years old and up too. For more informational, call 434-378-2140 or email

SUNDAY (yellow), 5/14/2017=20=2=Tehudi; Goings On in ‘The Place of Destination for Black People’

SUNDAY (yellow), 5/14/2017=20=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs our ability to be wise in the execution of our Words, Acts and our Deeds. The first thing we know is that we have the wherewithal within us to master the Universal Melanin (without blemish) Law of The Creation to overcome challenges. The Universal Law is where “Laws of Maat” are delineated from.
When we get a certain degree of Understanding of this, then we will have the equivalent degree of Wisdom to speak, act and intend whatever is necessary to overcome every challenge and issue that we encounter in our destiny; our Life Experience. Of course this is easier said than done. But one way or the other we manage to overcome all of the challenges and issues in our lives UNLESS we make a tragic Mistake, go into a tragic error or have a tragic intention.
The Creator is such a consummate, Supreme Being, the beings (persons), places and things that are created are on a sure part to mastery (of all the laws of our own constitution). As such all energy that we expend via our Words, Acts and Deeds must use/practice the laws of our constitution. Since practice does indeed make perfect, as we expend energy to achieve any objective we are also doing the only known thing that we can do to master anything under the sun. That is overcome tasks, challenges, issue or whatever to do one thing or another.
The KKVV ManUp Camp into Black Manhood is to give Participants Spiritual (academic) and Physical (taichi) exercise to practice to become Blackmen. As our slogan says, “If you have not taken a rites of passage into Black Manhood you will be the Blackman the experimental systems in white supremacy, called the United States of America, want you to be.”
There are several gatherings on the calendar of KKVV within the first Equinox of the Present Solar Cycle Journey. Since this Equinox is the Planting Season, some of the gatherings can be seen as “Planting.” Others are “Practicing what we preach.”
1. May 27 at 10:30 am we are holding the first informational meeting about ways attendees can get into the Solar Energy Industry. A Friend of KKVV is making good progress in the industry. KKVV is one of his Contracted Associates. There is not a fee for attendance. However, there is a $10.00 fee for Lunch if you care to eat with us. And as usual, we have scheduled a Nat Turner Trail Tour for the next morning at 11am.
2. The First Weekend in June is a gathering of Black Writers for the 23rd presentation of Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature. This is a continuing work by H. Khalif Khalifah to “Validate, Authenticate and Celebrate” Black Literature.
All attendees, including Book Lovers, will be afforded an opportunity to share their experiences in Black Literature, whether you are a writer, educator or parent who understand the value of Black history and literature in the education of your children. A virtually unknown Special Education Super Star will be the Guest Speaker. Her name is Johnson, Queen Teresa Johnson. (more about her later).
3. Last but not least, far from it, will be the first of a permanent Fundraising Campaign to “Secure, Maintain” and substantiate KKVV as the “Place of Destination of Black people During Crises in the United States of America.”
For more information about any of the above, call 434-278-2140. Or email us at –

WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/26/2017=22=4=MAAT; Allows For Practice What We Preach

WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/26/2017=22=4=MAAT=The Delineated “Laws of Maat” that allow Originals to vision Equal Justice for all persons, places and things in Creation. (to read more about Maat and other delineated Laws of Maat that constitute The One Law of Creation, go to ). I will say here, on this Maatian predominated day, that The “Laws of Maat” were vision as the limbs, the attributes, principles or neters on the Tree of Life (The Paut Neteru in Ancient Kemit), by our Ancestors to assist in our practice of The Law.
The One Law is in similitude to the One Human Body. The Human Body was made, or constituted with an infinite number of our most consciously used parts, the main ones being Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Feet, Left Feet, hands & etc. But we have one Body “Right on.”
No doubt, if you are a *Human Being, you have the ability to understand there is an equivalent Spiritual Being that made and guides the use of the multitude of organs that are housed within the parts.
*PLEASE NOTE: The Human Being is differentiated from that of the Human, in that he or she consciously attempts to treat and use/practice the laws to guide the Human (earth made entity) to do the Right Thing, at the Right Time in the Right state of Mind. The conscious practice allows for attainment to Mastery of The Law to become the divine Being that was created in the beginning.