The Psychic Fair is returning to KKVV; the major event will be held November 18, 2016. 2016 is the 185th year since the Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831.
The Psychic Fair is a loose collection of many of the best known and accomplished Mystics on the planet. The Organizer and caller of the event is Sister Maat Em Maakheru. She is the author of the book, “What’s In Your Womb.” Sister Maat is also a wife and mother of two and inspiration and role model for many. Like typically accomplished Mystics, Sister Maat successfully balances mysticism to the necessity of also generating energy to bring into manifestation entities that are needed to live in the world.
The Psyche Fair returns to the birth land of Nat Turner, in the library building founded in his honor by H. Khalif Khalifah. It is little known and even less talked about but according to Khalifah “Nat Turner was one of the most accomplished Mystics who ever walked the face of the earth.
“He was also the most successful Community Organizer and Freedom Fighting Revolutionary in the history of Black people in the United States of America.” Khalifah continued.
The schedule of events over the weekend includes tours of The Nat Turner Trail; and a tour of The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia (KKVV). The Nat Turner Trail Tour is a fee based riding tour so seating’s available is limited. The Tour of KKVV is a walking event and is free of formal charges.
Renowned, Legendary Health Advocate and Practitioner, Dr. Jewel Pookum will be The Special Guest Speaker for the Psychic Fair. She will be visiting KKVV for the first time.
As a retired physician, with over 20 years of experience, and a specialist in women’s health and wholistic™ wellness, Dr. Pookum’s skill, and understanding of a well spring of knowledge gives her the wisdom that creates a high demand for her lectures; she is consistently requested for lectures across the United States, as well as, Canada and Europe.
In 2009, Dr. Jewel created The J.E.W.E.L Network with a mission to broadcast the sciences of life and living in a clear and accurate format. She, also, educates on the importance of nurturing the brain to support the health of the body. Through Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program, which uses ancient sacred geometry to increase brain power and neuron activity through a focusing exercise; ultimately balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain empowering participants to create the life they desire.
There is fee to attend Dr. Pookum’s main lecture for the event.
Call 202 604 8321 or 434-378-2140.
Preparation of Vegetarian and Vegan food will be organized by “The Gifted Hands,” fertile mind of Journalist Nadirah U. Khalifah. Nadirah is the daughter of deceased wholistic health advocate, Sister Reda Faard and H. K. Khalifah. She is also a Student of Priest, Master Chef & Visionary Keidi Awadu.
For more information about The Psychic Fair, call 434-378-2140.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 10/26/2016=9=Auset=Love; Treatise on Melanin Mating

(EDITED) THURSDAY (purple), 6/30/2016=9=Auset. Auset is the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to love; and to love divinely. When our love is divine it harmonizes with and is incorporated into the Divine Order that The Creation happens to be in. Love is affectionately referred to mystically as the glue that holds the Universal All together.
We have written quite adequately and clearly on Auset so we’ll not propound what I have already written.
However, I must say something about Melanin Mating: Auset is also the Melanin Law that governs change. At the far end of our inability to change is disaster, Chaos. Yes, if love is not divine, or divinely inclined it can end in heartache which can be quite chaotic. Many times it is a disaster until we consult the law that governs Emotions and Self-Control to Protect our aching heart. The Law of Maat that governs control of our emotions is called HeruKhuti.
Relating these attributes to Love, it is not difficult to imagine, that however much we love a Person, Place or Thing, if the relationship with the Persons, Places or Things are not able to adapt to necessary change to each other, even a Great Love will end in disaster.
This is why Sebek is determined to bring together only Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places and Things: if they are not righteous they will not be anointed with the sweet love (Melanin Mating on my mind) of Auset. It will then be just be a matter of time before disaster comes to bear on the lovers.

ATUESDAY (red), 10/25/2016=8=Sebek; Treatise on Unity

TUESDAY (red), 10/25/2016=8=Sebek=Unity of everything, including the purposes of Harmony of Persons, Places and Things. As Sebek I am ever mindful to consult with Tehudi (Wisdom), Sebek’s composite enhancer that maximizes the execution of out Words, Acts & Deeds. It is Wisdom that guides us to Know that we must be mindful to unite only Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places and Things. A certain degree of Understanding your Knowledge will give you the equivalent degree of Wisdom to enact and practice the essence that is within the Knowledge.
As I have with all of the delineated, from The Universal Melanin Law of The Creation, called the Laws of Maat by some of our Learned Ancient Kemitian ancestors, I shall not expound on Sebek this morning: Anyone desirous of reading more about the commentary above, go to www.black-e-books.com etc.

SUNDAY (yellow), 10/23/2016=6=Heru; Re-Introducing KKVV Rites of Passage Into Black Manhood

[https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws] SUNDAY (yellow), 10/23/2016=6=Heru. Will Power, Self-Determination. In Ancient Kemit mythology, spirituality and philosophy Heru is the avenging prince that goes through various practices to prepare to battle and defeat the evil kind of man that murdered his benevolent father, the king. He then takes the throne and rules righteously as per his father.
The practices of Heru to prepare then do the Right thing at the right time in the right frame/disposition of mind,” allows him to master the Law of Creation. As his ancestors, our ancestors, had delineated The One Law into component parts they called Laws of Maat (as interpreted and translated from the Hieroglyphics by latter day Neterian scholars: Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset, GEB, with the Eleventh Being The Creator).
To prepare to meet the challenges, Heru was compelled to practice the laws to eventually become mastery them all. Enacting both academic and physical exercises is fundamentally what candidates in the KKVV Rites of Passage into Black Manhood go through to become a Master Blackman. All who have not gone through Rites of Passage Systems into Black Manhood becomes the man that the United States of America wants them to be by default!
In the Fall part of the 2016 Solar Cycle Journey we are registering Black Men for candidacy for the KKVV 4-day Weekend Rites of Passage. We will not set a date until we reach a certain number of confirmed candidates. Confirmation of each candidate will be required.
The Confirmation includes but is not limited to a interview to determine his date of birth, vocation, financial status and marital/fatherhood status. We know that the most vulnerable who have a sincere desire to go through our Rites of Passage will find the greatest difficulty meeting the financial piece. Knowing this, no one that meets the other requirements will be declined for entry into our Rites of Passage into Black Manhood Systems.
If for whatever reason you are not going to be a Candidate, please help to create a source of funding for us to use for ones who need financial help. For, Candidates that qualify otherwise will not be declined, nor told they were assisted financially. However all will be required to contribute to the KKVV Rites of Passage Into Black Manhood Fund. We do have the means to make it possible for sincere applicants to earn some money: so act accordingly and call 434-378-2140 10am to 3pm daily. You may also use Paypal address khalifah@khabooks.com

October 22, 2016=5=HeruKhut; Saturday Exposition On Our Emotions

SATURDAY (black), 10/22/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions, Self-Control. The highest, most effective way to protect ourselves is to control our emotions. The ability to practice the law of HeruKhuti is enhanced on this day. Since practice makes perfect, our practice is also enhancing our ability to master the law called HeruKhuti.
When does the need to protect ourselves manifest in our Life Experience? We are always most vulnerable when we indulge in extremes in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds; this is when we are most likely to be subject to be extreme in the emotions called LOVE & HATE. Yet Love & hate are emotions that generate our most powerful energy. Both Love & Hate are driven by desires to protect and secure our beloved; or to hurt and destroy any Person, Place or Thing that threaten our beloved.
When we look deeper into our ability to Love, Proper Knowledge of Self is at the top of the things we can do to understand our capacity to Love or Hate. This is because when you study Proper Knowledge of Self you get Proper Knowledge of your Creator. And when we come to realize what a magnificent being we happen to be, we will express the strongest emotion for our Creator that we can feel; and that is the feeling that a popular singer erroneously called “A second hand emotion,” LOVE.
The Blissful feelings we experience when we come to Self-Realization is the responding back to us in kind for expressions of love, appreciation and adoration that we express for our Beloved Creator.
Now quickly and directly to the points we expressed about Love & Hate above. When we love a Person, Place or Thing our greatest desire is to please or satisfy them unconditionally. Since our love for our Creator is the Only Being that loves us unconditionally, The Creator is the Only One Who deserve our Unconditional love.
On the other end of the pole of unconditional love, that we like to express for The Creator, is the hated that we feel for any person, place or thing that threatens our Beloved. And this is when mastery of HeruKhuti is most usefully practiced.
Since we did not create any person, place or thing, we haven’t a right to destroy any person, place or thing. Meanwhile, arguably by some, the Original Being that was created did make persons, places and things out of that which was, in fact, Created. But even the destruction of made persons, places and things must be carefully done with the correct intentions. Since I am not writing for the benefit of argument with disbelievers in what I write, we will move quickly to share our expressions of Love for the Original Beings that was created and persons, places and things that we made.
The closest we can love beings (Persons) to most closely replicate the Blissful feelings we experience when we attain Self-Realization is our love for the Human Being called A Woman. Of course I am a Blackman. I expect that the Queen, as they arrive, will have the capacity and wherewithal to express the feelings of a Blackwoman in Love.
The closest we can love a place (Land) that most closely replicate the Blissful feelings we experience when we attain Self- Realization is our love for the Land mass called Mother Africa. Of course I am a Blackman who have a good understanding about the value of the land mass Black people were ripped from and stolen and brought into the “Wilderness of North America.”
The closest we can love a thing that most closely replicates the Blissful feeling we experience when we attain Self-Realization are the Things called Thoughts: that the Attributes that are our modes for travel to experience the Blissful feelings in Self-Realization (prayer, meditation).
I realize I may have bordered near to extreme feelings about Love to the exclusion of Hate. But for this exposition, the early parts of the above must suffice about the emotion called Hate.
(this exposition may or may not continue): PEACE!


(edited) EXPOUNDING ON FACETS OF MAAT: WEDNSDAY (brown), 1/13/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Control over Emotions, Self Protection
Yesterday we stated: “Each law must be practiced to a certain degree to overcome our challenges in life. The certain degree is based on the severity of the challenge.
Basing our practice of the laws on Maatian principle allow us tol overcome every challenge in life to a certain degree until” THE USER OF THE LAW “evolves to a challenge or issue they do not have the wherewithal to overcome. However,” THE QUESTION IS, “to what degree was THE practice of the law rendered Justice for All. There is thoughtful evidence that Original Human Beings are the only ones that can conceive of “Justice for All.” This is important in our demand for Freedom, Justice & Equality from oppressing Caucasian people.
I hope the exposition above didn’t confuse anyone. If it did, you can always ask a question, give me a reply or engage me in a conversation. Maybe in person soon. These are opportunistic times to enhance, advance, edification and liberation of The Race. The Black Race especially. For as we are healed and act according to good health practices, so will Mother Earth be healed in general. Mother Earth need healing because it is also recovering from the havoc and devastating brutal practices of oppressing Caucasian people.
There are many discussions going on about the destruction of our planet; or the dismissal of the ruling hegemony of the false doctrine called White Supremacy. the above paragraph is to help to disabuse any notion that the Earth will be destroyed.
Nothing is going to happen to anything regarding the destruction of Mother Earth until Black people are Free. There is absolutely no way The Creator would let the MAAFA of Black people under the ruling authority of the “Experiment in White Supremacy,” as Dr. Imari A. Obadele called it, be unrequited. Sure, there is a change of order going on all over the place! Guidance about what to do and what we should be doing is also “going on all over the place!”
Another of the many things the Messenger made abundantly clear was about what the “Hereafter” means. It means the time when the present rulers are no longer ruling. There is little that is complicated about that. What is complicated is whether White Supremacy Rulers will come to grips with our dire situation. Yes, it is dire for us all, but for far different reasons. But “dire” desperate, disaster, end, etc. always have the companion of opportunity and a new beginning at the same time.
U. S. President Barack Obama is the latest best chance for White Supremacy Rulers in America to avail themselves of opportunities to avoid the doom they have clearly earned. As farfetched and vague as he has had to make it, the Caucasians still do not understand the meaning of the word Redemption. But fortunately, enough Black people do.
Let us be absolutely clear that that the Redemption POTUS (President of the United States) represents is not for Black people. It is for White people. And Barack Obama gave it to White people better than their wildest dreams could have legitimately hoped for. However if they embraced what may one day be described as a “olive branch” Black people will get our Reparations and begin the Healing of the Race. And that will be the best outcome for everybody.
Black people, we cannot expect the rulers to overcome their disease of racism and pay the Reparations. It is we who must avail ourselves of the opportunity in this moment in time. If there is any confusion about the opportunity, please ‘Ask Somebody Who is Doing Something” what to do.


[edited] FRIDAY (GREEN), 9/2/2016=2=Tehudi (Wisdom). The basic information to know about Wisdom is that we have the ability to Master the Melanin Law of Creation. Our Ancestors delineated The Law into component parts they called Neters; or Laws of Maat. Mastery of The Law is ours because the Law used to Create Original Persons, Places and Things are constituted within our Being.
As we strive to do right and reject wrong through the execution of our words, acts and deeds, we evolve to reflect the divine being that we were created to be. That is All. The rest is in the living/practicing The Law to overcome challenges and issues that renders us certain degrees of Mastery (of The Law).
Have you ever wondered why your Life Experience is such a wonderful, enjoyable experience when you have the sense of Winning/success; or evolving into Love with a beautiful mate. , Beauty, indeed, is in the eyes of the beholder. So think additional to how beautiful he or she is on the outside: Potentially, her or his inside is “Something Else!”
Also, keep in mind these days are in advance of The First Judgment for the Present Solar Cycle Journey: so take your assessments of the health and strength of the growth from your Spring planting (Spiritual as well as Physical); practice the law of Herukhuti to control your emotions as Persons, Places or Things decline you or adjust to how they relate to the Man or Woman you maybe desiring to be in their lives. They are the manifestation of your planting in the Planting Season. After the First Judgment we harvest the yield from the “Crop.”
Yes! This exercises/practices of HeruKhuti as the dominate law that we consult, affords a chance to rid ourselves of undesirables – enhancing our chances to attain degrees of mastery before the Final Judgment in December. But undesirable or unplanned as may be the case, how you handle your business also affords opportunities to assist in the attainment of our ultimate goals in life: That is Mastery of The Law.
https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws


MONDAY (blue), 10/17/2016=9=Auset=Love; Divine Love when Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things evolve together into the Divine Order tHat the Creation happens to be within.
SUNDAY (yellow), 8/28/2016=9=Auset=Divine Love, Change, Disaster/Chaos. As are the attributes of all of the Universal Melanin Laws, the Attribute our Learned Ancestors named Auset is related to the others. To love a person, place or thing there will be changes made or love will not “Live there anymore.”
Potential mates must change to accommodate each other in the desire to be in harmony. Unless both are willing to change, what was once love may wind up as a relationship that does not realize its potential to evolve into a Divine Love match. If one or the other did not evolve to a certain degree of Righteousness, it may well end in disaster, or other kinds of chaotic condition.
The natural purpose for harmonizing is to evolve into Divine Order as a couple. The thought is when you are in love you are willing to change to accommodate your mate. This is pleasurable and easy to do in the beginning of meeting someone to love and be loved by. There is absolutely no feeling in life that equals beginnings of evolving in love. SAVE, of course the bliss one feels with glimpses when we reach states of Self-Realization about The Wonderful WHOLE, Oneness of the Creation.
In the mating game, there is bound to come a time when change will be difficult. This is where work is required in mating/marriage. If the behavior of either has become corrupt to certain degrees, fortunate is the mate who knows AND possess the Will Power to give up on a corrupt mate and move on. When will you know his or her corruption is giving you pain beyond repair? As a widower, single parent for one sub and two early teenage daughters I told them “if he hurts you on purpose ONE TIME don’t give him another chance.”
Of course there are many nuances in the processes to evolving into love; or in falling out of love. One is, even when love is new you may see some flaws in your mate. Love is not actually blind, but it is so very beautiful and feels so good it is not easy to give it up. So I felt the need to give my daughters a zero tolerance to act in relating t males that would be in their lives.
When it becomes blatantly obvious that the flawed partner is also corrupt and he or she will not change, from giving you pain, you must move on or suffer the consequences. Or when he or she does something or other to totally disrespect the love that you shared. I don’t care to describe totally any disrespectful, ill behavior. It is too painful even to imagine! https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws


SATURDAY (black), 9/17/2016=8=Sebek=Unification of The Righteous and Righteously inclined. The Ancestors in Ancient Kemit delineated The Law of Creation into component parts that are generally translated as Neters. A more useful and common name for the Neters is called The Laws of Maat. For the convenience of the Ancestors in guiding adherents in Rites of Passage to master of the laws of their constitution, the Neters are given the name of their dominant characteristic. The dominate characteristic of Sebek is the ability to combine Persons, Places and Things in The Creation into what is considered a whole.
Meanwhile the Learned Ancestors knew that the unification of The Universal All is the only whole in actuality. So as Human Beings awaken to our ability to practice the law of Sebek, we are also awakened to the fact that our greatest peril is to Forget, go into Error, may a mistake or indulge in excesses. Of course this is the peril in the practice of all the Laws of Maat. But since our focus is on the Neter/law called Sebek. Let us take a keener look. Keep in mind every words, act or deed we relate in thought is actually practicing The Melanin Law of Creation. Since practice makes perfect it helps in our desire to become Master, degrees at a time. Now we look:
“…The “Peril” is we are subject to think our ability to put things together means we are The Creators rather than the maker of whole Persons, Places & Things we work with in our practice. As we attain higher degrees of mastery we consult wisely with the law of Tehudi to insure that we are mindful that: 1) We are but the Maker and not The Creator 2) And, we are mindful to be vigilant to unite only Righteous or Righteously inclined Person, Places & Things…”
We have stated many times in many places in my writings that Humans (low frequency persons) are the maker of Persons, Places and Things out of that which is already created, yes, by The Creator. The Human Being is a spiritually conscious, enlightened one striving to be a Righteous or Righteously inclined Individual.
We have also stated regularly that in making Persons, Places and Things we must use/practice the laws of our constitution. Since practice does make perfect we are becoming master of the Laws of Maat in our makings. When we have the sense of successful (winning/attaining) mastery, which is uncovering the Divine mystery of Creation, we experience the sheer blessed feeling that life is a Wholesome, meaningful, Enjoyable experience.
Of course I have expounded many times, in many ways in statements, etc. about my own estimation regarding Sebek on the days and colors for the days of the week. I am also mindful that the reckoning is done from the calendar of the Human species, or sub-species, called white people. So anyone who has the estimation recorded on the calendar of Learned Black Ancestors are respectfully asked to share with me in your remarks.

TREATISE ON USE OF POWER Part 2; SATURDAY (black), 10/15/2016=7=HetHeru= Imagination and Creativity.

Jux-a-posed to Sekher, HetHeru enhances our abilities to be imaginative and creative in the use of power. When we say in our Universal Prayer, “I will be more mindful in the execution of my Words, Acts & Deeds,” we mean the use of our “Words,” our “Acts” & our Deeds (intentions). In other words, one way or the other the power we have will be expressed thusly.
We can Know but have a lesser degree of Understanding the Knowledge. And a lesser degree, or amount of power. It is our degree of Understanding that gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom of how to use the essence of what the Knowledge be about. That is all. [from Part 1]
So when you have lesser degrees of UNDERSTANDING you also have lesser degrees of WISDOM. Many times see meet people with a tremendous, wellspring of KNOWLEDGE. But it is like they are paralyzed and cannot move to the execution level where their ACTS will actualize the essence that is within what they know, write books about; or make energizing, inspiring speeches about. This is good but is not manifesting the things that must be done, in a phase, that gives them “Good homes, money and friendships in all walks of life.”
This is very important; for the individual aspirants of both the Knowledge bringer and the individuals who listen to, or read our books. While many who listen to us manage to acquire KNOWLEDGE; do individual research to get large degrees of UNDERSTANDING to bring into manifestation the essence that is within it, many others are setback when they meet the Knowledge Bringer and he or she is not representing what they teach.
While Yours Truly does have a tremendous amount of the indices that I possess a great degree of understanding of the Knowledge that I share, yet my GOFUNDME appeal belies a lack of understanding of something I am working mightily to get a better Understanding about. That is, apply my principle to myself; look at me, owner of a slew of assets worth well over a $million dollars. Yet I am appealing to YOU to make a donation to support my desire to hold on to, rather than sell the extra 90 acres of Nat Turner Birth Land. But save it I must or the Bankruptcy Court threaten to sell it and the Nat Turner Library Building for us. Since I have already used my UNDERSTANDING of the KNOWLEDGE of The Land and the Library Building to the Good and Welfare of Black people, obviously there is a lack of understanding about achieving the essence that is within the Knowledge. Since the peril is manifestly prevalent, I thought I would see if enough Black people UNDERSTAND enough about its importance to donate monthly to support my efforts to keep it. Or some fat cat hold the mortgage at an affordable rate to what I can afford to continue my work to empower Black people. https://www.gofundme.com/2t842ws