TUESDAY (red), 5/3/2016=8=Sebek; Uniting/Mating to Enjoy Life More Wholesomely

TUESDAY (red), 5/3/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to unite Persons, Places & Things. Like all abilities, predominated by any particular Universal Law, the ability allows us to practice the Law to generate power to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience.
Since practice makes perfect it is the only known way to mastery: as you overcome challenges you are also mastering the Law at the same time. And less we forget, the aim, the objective and purpose of life is to live as the divine being that we were created to be. Mastery of the Law is the method we use to evolve to live in the divine reality.
We evolve into mastery by our Righteous degrees of practice in the execution (expressions) of our Words, Acts & Deeds. The immediate concern of Sebek is to bring into the unity and practice to overcome challenges and issues only with Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things. When we successfully achieve this, to certain degrees, life is a wonderful, rewarding, enjoyable experience.
As we also learn (to Know) enjoyment is the reward of life that we prefer to practice or be doing in life. However, herein also is the greatest peril to our existence: hence the abuse of drugs and things that some performers indulge. Their performances gives us a lot of enjoyment, but at a terrible price to self.
When our parents, Learned Elders and others advised us to “don’t overdo it” they offered advice that helped us to avoid the peril of abusing the use of the Persons, Places of Things. As my Sister and Guardian, Isa Lee Knight, used to say to me: “ENJOY YOURSELF BUT LOOK OUT!”
Yep! Enjoyment is internal: So Look out for what you bring in to enjoy yourself!


WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/27/2016=22=4=MAAT; Equal Justice for all. Maat is the Universal Melanin Law that gives us the ability to conceive of a utopian society on earth where there is justice for all. We have sound reasons to think that this may well be a unique ability of The Original Man and Woman of African descent. Except for one aspect of the malady called PTSD (Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder), a critical mass of Black people would be taking advantage of opportunities today to “Do For Self.”
The PTSD malady is Self Hatred. Self hatred handicaps our ability to abide in the correct teachings of our Learned Ancestors. The foundation of Learned Ancestors was the declaration that we MUST build, maintain and enjoy Independent Black Institutions. Moreover, The Ancestors whom were both Visionaries as well as Builders represented and lived the philosophy: The Messenger, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, Mr. Marcus Garvey’s signature work was actualization of the teachings Founded, Independent Black Institutions.
Contemporary Blackmen who abide in and have our “wits” about us are practicing the same methodologies to Vision and Build Independent Black Institutions today.Opportunities to build or support such building/teaching have not been this plentiful in many generations: Two such formations have important events on their calendars this weekend:
My birthday dinner will be Friday, April 29, 2016 in the Nat Turner Library Building. Ujamaa Schule will be, as usual, at Howard University the following day, Saturday, May 1, 2016. Ujamma will have a significant UNUSUAL aspect to it. This will be the first time in 3 decades Dr. Frances C. Welsing will not be the Guest Speaker. In her stead will be The Prince of Pan Africanism, Dr. Umar Johnson.
As per previous events at KKVV, the main attraction is the Royal Dynamic Presence of Nat Turner; and of course, “UBUS BOOKS & THINGS.” However, Extraordinary Poet Paul Lawrence Dunbar Banks will read selections from his works; And From Richmond, Virginia Priestess Monica M. Espaza is bringing a contingency to The Birth Land of Nat Turner to plant some Royal Rosemary Herbs & Things in the Kamau Organic Garden Food Boxes.
We strongly suggest that if you are able in any way to attend the above Institutional events, DO SO! Both are in twilight years of total dedication and service to make mighty contributions to “The Total Uplift, the Total Freedom of Black people. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/24/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR. Balance/Divine

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/24/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR. Divine Balance. As we have stated previously, the aim in the Mastery of our Life Experiences is not to live in a state of Balance. But it is to act from the Super State of Balance. GEB is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to marshal our strength in a state of equilibrium known as Balance. This is important in the “Acquisition as well as the Proper Uses of Power.”
It is important in the “Acquisition” and it is important in the “Proper Use of Power.”[I hope the reader understand why we have understated the practice in the process of Mastery by simply saying they are important. I remind one and all that my chosen method of sharing is via the power of suggestion].
It is important in the Acquisition because we need power to overcome challenges and issues. Balance being the consummation of power, the degree Melanin Law is practiced from a state of Balance determines to what degree we overcome the challenge and issue. As stated in my book, “the aim is to get to the state of Balance but not to live in the state of balance. The aim is not to stay there because you acquire power because it is necessary to execute your words, acts and deeds.
Balance is important in “The Proper Use of Power” because our intention is to use it in our own best interest. That is to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience. We do get into some of the nuances attendant to our “Best Interest” in the book. Such as when power is used to take care of our duties and responsibilities to our mates, children and grandchildren. This is in our “Best Interest” also as it is one of the relatively easy ways to earn degrees of mastery over every law in the book (smile). Yep! Duty to needs of our mates, children and grandchildren earn automatic degrees of mastery.
Deadbeat men and women lose more than they will ever know. Some subsequently get some inkling when second opportunities come around that they have wised up enough to seize and embrace. But the first instances of not caring for mates and children can never be recovered.
White Supremacy Oppression tried to strip the Blackman and Woman of this basic duty to each other and to our children. Here again the level of failure of the intention of the Caucasian is directly linked to Black Determination to defeat, or counter his desire. Fortunately The Learned Ancestors left such clear, explicity teachings; and doubly fortunately we have had Brothers and Sisters in every generation who practice their teachings to measure degrees.
Clear examples of our practicing the teachings of our Ancestors playing out in degrees of Practice to introduce Rites of Passage into Black Manhood. A clear example that I share with the many on The Nat Turner Trail Tour is that even as he was working to launch the Revolt in 1831 he still took care of his duties and responsibilities to His Wife Cherry and the children.
WRAP UP. The aim is not to stay in Balance because once you get the power it is Properly used it. When it is used it cannot remain balanced. So as Humans, our aim is to use it then come back into Balance. That is prepare to use the Ultimate Power again if your didn’t overcome the challenge or issue completely.


Now we have lost another master of the entertainment world. He was known by the millions as the beloved Prince. There was one singular thing that he did that got the attention of us who positioned self to contribute our utmost in the Liberation Struggle of African people, even as Prince imposed himself into the top tier of music business. He got our attention when he effectively told people who thought they owned him to “go to hell!”
Admittedly i have little of the in-depth details that caused him to walk away from the name Prince & $millions of dollars. But as i understand it, the music Moguls who owned the rights to his name would not negotiate for something or other so he did what we are told at entry into Rites of Passage into Black Manhood.
My Baba Lumumba Odinga told me forcefully: “Give the white man back his name; give him back his religion; and give him back his woman! When you have prepared yourself like this, then we can do the rest to prepare YOU to be a servant in the Liberation Struggle of African people.”
No. We are not saying Prince was a Black nationalist Freedom Fighter, as was Baba Lumumba. What we are saying is that he had what Minister Louis Farrakhan called, “Intestinal Fortitude.” In plainer language Prince had, pardon my Alabama expression, he had “Balls!” Only a Blackman so equipped can withstand the challenges within White Supremacy Oppression can do the work that must be done to impact the bottom line in the Liberation Struggle.
Fortunately, the Black Race have plenty of such today; we had plenty in “Early Day Captivity; We had plenty in Middle Day Captivity; and we had plenty in Latter Day Captivity.”
It is the Ancestors from Latter Day Captivity, like Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Queen Mother Moore, Professor John H. Clarke, Taboo DJata, Dr. Imari A. Obadele, and Queen Reda Faard Khalifah, War Correspondent Del Jones, Yahya Abdul Karim & etc. who made the nature of the work that MUST BE DONE so clear & so plain, THAT if you really do understand the Knowledge of the message of The Messenger (that continues to pervade) The National Black Community Today, you are following the instructions of The Ancestors.
So long live Prince! We pause in acknowledgement of your passing, we tip our hats, then put our heads down and go back to work!

THURSDAY (purple), 4/21/2016=7=HetHeru Is A Name for the Law of Imagination & Creativity

THURSDAY (purple), 4/21/2016=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to be Creative and Imaginative in the execution of the other “Laws of Maat.” This is especially important when we practice the law that is HetHeru’s composite that totals up to the sign of a divine master number. On the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life) that was conceived by our Ancient Kemit Ancestors the master numbers are 3 & 4. Three is Sekher, the law of Power. Four is Maat, the state of Being that conceives of justice for all.
What does it all mean? And how does the meanings play out in our lives on this day, or on any particular day that one is of a mind to evoke and couple HetHeru and Sekher and or Maat? That is a good long question. Fortunately there is a good long answer. As scientist Albert Einstein was quoted as having said: “You cannot solve a problem in the same conscious state in which it is conceived.”
So we say you cannot find the answer to the question unless you shift into another state of being. That particular state of Being can only be conceived with the Imaginative and Creative Attributes of HetHeru. So on this day, in this Season of the Present Solar Cycle Journey let’s practice (be imaginative & creative) in the use of our Power. This is what I strive to do every day: Live the Melanin Laws that constitute the Science of my own creation. That is, to overcome challenges & issues in my Life Experience.
I know I am opening my own Being up for close scrutiny. That is ok with me as I live in the manifestation of Persons, Places and Things that are results of having lived a Life Experience, such as it is. Presently it is lived within KKVV, primarily to “Find, Preserve & Propagate” the Legacy of one of the greatest Mystic’s of all time: Ancestor Nat Turner. We have reason to think Nat Turner was conscious of the Solar Cycle Journey.
It is the same cycle that the earth makes around the sun that we too strive to live and be conscious of. Of course our studies are more dynamic as we have the benefits from the study and recordation’s of “Latter Day, Neterian Scholars” that have given the world a translation and interpretation of the Spirituality and Philosophy of Ancient Kemit that I can only IMAGINE what Ancestor Nat Turner would have made of such Knowledge.
Anyway, to continue my Treatise about HetHeru: I first wrote a book called “Melanin, Conscious Attunement & The God in I” in CIRCA 1975-1976. But I did not publish it until after my input into The Million Man March. That was as The Liaison to the MMM for N’COBRA (National Coalition of Blacks For Reparations in America). The book could not have been written without my use of the Imagination of HetHeru. However, I was determined to not share the book until I felt to be a good representative of the usefulness of what I proposed: The Million Man March gave me the feeling I was looking for.
A sample of what the book has meant for my own success & others who have shared their impressions follows: I received a letter from a young Blackman who did not read the book until he was already within the “School of Hard Knocks.”
“Mr. Khalifah I’m Glad we had a chance to talk on the phone about your book Melanin and Conscious Attunement.” I loved that! Now, here’s what I was inquiring about:”

SATURDAY (black), 4/16/2016=2=Tehudi. Wisdom to study, practice and live the Universal Melanin Laws

SATURDAY (black), 4/16/2016=2=Tehudi. Wisdom to study, practice and live the Universal Melanin Laws of The Creation. There is not another way to show and prove that you are in fact Master of the laws; or any one particular law. What does mastery of the Universal Melanin Laws of Creation look like? Good Question!
In practice the natural way (some would say way of life, religion, spirituality & etc), the natural thing we do when we master, or are mastering the laws of our constitution is to use them to overcome challenges & issues in our own Life Experiences. This could be the practice of a toddler learning to walk, or to practice the laws to generate power to Free Black People.
Since all that I strive and happen to be about in life is the Liberation of African people, of course the manifestation of my practice of the Laws of Maat, hence mastery, is my ability to build Things that must be in place before we will ever become a Free Black People. That is, as per instructions of my mentors and other learned Ancestors that I have encountered in my life. The encountering was mostly in person; but it began with an introduction to proper Knowledge of Self, The Creator and the Adversary, commonly called The Devil.
Ancestors like Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Queen Mother Moore, Imari Obadele, Reda Faard Khalifah, Amos Wilson, Frances Welsing, Robert Harris, Preston Wilcox, Simon Bly Jr.. Kofi Brown, John Moore, Leon A. Bynoe, United Brother Lumumba Odinga, Chokwe Lumumba, Tony Martin, Khallid Muhammad mentored me to know that until and unless we build Independent Black Institutions we will not defeat the designs of the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression.
So the nature of my practice of the Universal Laws of Maat is to fearlessly build Independent Black Institutions. I was guided to believe that if you obey the laws of the land where you live that are not in conflict with the Universal Laws of Maat there is little to fear; and the little that you do fear is wrapped in the Divine Mystery that we know as our Life Experiences. The degree of our UNDERSTANDING about what we KNOW gives us the equivalent degree of WISDOM to practice, use, apply, implement, champion, advocate the Essence that is within what we know.
I Am thinking many reading my words simply chalk them up to so much journalistic writings. But I am like an open book. When you have an open book there is not a need to open it to read it. A good title will tell you what is in the book. If you you like the title and it implies that there is something of value for you in the book then you open it. Well, KKVV, The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village in Virginia is like that book. Some of the great people I named above have put something of value within this “book.”
If you are a conscious Blackman or Woman, KKVV on the outside may appear too good to be true: maybe it is. But the Conscious among us know as did our Learned Ancestors that we “Must Have Some Land!” KKVV is 123 acres of Farm and Woodland.
We Must Have Some Land because EVERYTHING else that we need is based on having land to LIVE, GROW WHOLESOME FOOD, INTRODUCE YOUNG MEN & WOMEN TO Rites of Passage into Black Human Hood; and etc. With land and a willingness to share, everything we need is possible to obtain: IMMEDIATELY!
Too Good to Be True? Maybe for us who have not been into the Laws that constitute the Science of our Creation. Perhaps you have a small degree of Understanding of the Law. Please banish such a notion! I know how we had to prepare ourselves coming out of the backwoods of Alabama to survive New York City. But this is the year 2016. Back then we were properly told that “IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE it properly is: so leave it be and get away” from the con man or woman telling or showing you such.
There are two opportunities to come to KKVV and see for your self what we are building from the mentoring by our Learned Ancestors: The First is my Birthday April 29, 2016. The other is The First Weekend in June of 2016 for the 22nd BLACK BOOK AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN BLACK LITERATURE. Call 434-378-2140 for more information. You may also visit to read more at: Black Book Awards do com.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/13/2016=8=Sebek; a name for the law that governs our ability UNITE!

Sebek is my own Mystic Number. On the Paut Neteru, the Tree of Life that our Ancient Ancestors conceived to assist in the mastery of the Universal Melanin Laws of the Creation. Sebek is a name for the law that governs our ability to put entities already created into united organisms that maybe considered a whole. Sebek is the law that This we used to put letters together to make words, words together to make sentences, sentences together to make paragraphs, paragraphs together to make pages and pages together to make a whole book.

Moreover, we have been instrumental in engaging the above process some 600 times to make 600 different publications. Today, at this level of elevation in my Eldership we are actively bringing Persons, Places and Things together to Research, Document, Preserve and Propagate the work, legacy and history surrounding the revolt of Nat Turner and the Liberation Army of 1831.

The preservation of the Legacy of Nat Turner is taking place even as we continue to build the independent Black Institutions necessary to finally secure our Reparations; and begin the healing processes to make our people whole again. With the wholeness, the unity, we will have generated enough power to Free Black People. However, we mustn’t miss “the forest for the trees.” When a human is seen looking towards a wooded area, the question is asked ‘what do you see?’ the human will likely say ‘I don’t see anything but trees.’

But when a Human Being, a Mystic or whatever his or her degrees of mastery are titled, is asked what he or she sees, they will say a forest. This analogy is quite simple but illustrate what African people mustn’t do while we are putting together the entities to generate necessary power to Free Black People. The degrees of mastery are attained through Righteous practice of the laws necessary to successfully build Independent Black Institutions.
Today, 2016, sixteen years into the present century, Black people are still challenged by the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression. But the good news is we have survived the devastation of a MAAFA called the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Even better news is the practice we engage to overcome the challenges to survive stands us as one, dynamic, freedom bound Black people. All necessary now is to put it all together for the power to bash away and banish the evil that is still haunting us to smithereens.
May be continued…


SATURDAY (black), 4/9/2016=22=4=Maat. Equal Justice for all Persons, Places and Things. A name for the Universal Melanin Law that governs our ability to think in terms of equal justice for all. At the least, the Original Man, Woman and Child have this ability. Maat is the standard used by our Ancient Kemit Ancestors to measure the degree of our Righteousness in the practice of Universal Melanin Law to overcome Challenges and Issues in our Life Experience: keep in mind, “practice makes perfect,” and is the only known way to Mastery.


“…THE WAY MY PROPOSAL WORKS: you may come alone or in a group; to an event at KKVV. And you may let us know openly or anonymously someone of the opposite sex that you’d like to be in the presence of ….Keep in mind, the statement that under girds all we try to do in the above regard: “Sisters if you don’t have a man that is working to free [empower} the Black Nation, Sister you ain’t got no man.” – Assata Shakur advise to sisters. Send anonymously if you like to: ROYAL ASPIRATION – Post Office Box 1 – Drewryville, Virginia 23844. Also remember the name of the Group is Melanin Mates Meeting AND HEALING. So it will work for mates who only need healing to remain mates: go for it!…”

TUESDAY (red), 4/5/2016=9=Auset. Divine Love, Love, Disaster. WHAT PRODUCTIVE LOVE IS

Auset is the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to love; and to love righteously; practicing to love righteously is The Way to Divine Love. Divine Love is the only love that can be incorporated into the Divine Order of The Creation. If there is a gateway, Love is it!

What many do not consider is the fact that love that isn’t righteous or righteously inclined, will not be a lasting love; and dependent on the degree that it is, or was righteously inclined in the beginning, will determined the length of time it last productively. When we go past the productivity of love it will eventually end in chaos, dissolution or utter disaster. Of course we speak about love of humans to each other. But it could be the love for anything that is not productive.

WHAT IS PRODUCTIVE LOVE YOU MAY BE WONDERING? The most obvious is a love that proreate; a love whose union brings forth children to be protected and raised righteously. Doing what you must to love Persons, Places & Things Righteously is the practice that allows for Mastery of the Law that governs our ability to love. Maybe the most important aspect to loving is that the male provide protection for his beloved woman; and the woman provide healing portions for her beloved man.

Second to securing each other is securing protection & healing for the fruits of productively from the love. The Children, again, maybe the most important, but it can be whatever the mates have in common that need protection or needs healing and comforting.

The above is only a treatise on mating and mating productively in a love that is based on righteously or the righteous inclination of the Mates. Another way to say the same thing is mates who treat each other Royally; treating each other like you know he or she is divinely special. A treatment, as previously stated on our discussion about Melanin Mates Meeting & Healing: “Many sisters, self anointed ‘Queens’ have not yet experienced a Royal Courtship.” Not having experienced royal treatment, the loving healing portions they have given to men found no reciprocity.

The Blackman under domination by White Supremacy Oppression may not have gone through a Rite of Passage into Black Manhood: so has not mastered the rudiments necessary to secure the Blackwoman, including protect her children. Nor other things they love in common.

Finally, and I hope it is obvious, I never intended this to be a long word sharing this morning. But I must say everything I said above should show and prove that the Blackwoman is deserving of whatever title she adopts for herself. But she will not be the Queen she wants to be until a King makes it so. Some have never experienced a Royal Treatment. We offer KKVV as a place she can come and at least have a Royal Experience. It may only be a interlude, but will be a harmless enjoyable and a deserving respite from daily routines.

THE WAY MY PROPOSAL WORKS: you may come alone or in a group; to an event at KKVV. And you may let us know openly or anonymously someone of the opposite sex that you’d like to be in the presence of ….Keep in mind, the statement that ungirds all we try to do in the above regard: “Sisters if you don’t have a man that is working to free [empower} the Black Nation, Sister you ain’t got no man.” – Assata Shakur

MONDAY (blue), 4/4/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is the Universal Melanin Law that predominates our ability unite & Be in Unity

MONDAY (blue), 4/4/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is the Universal Melanin Law that predominates our ability to unite, combine, mix, build, construct Persons, Places and already Created Things . The entities are used to make what we consider to be Wholes. Meanwhile, the Only Whole is The Divine Creator, The Universal All entities that we make use of as Sebek. As Originals, we all are endowed with the goodness, power and intellect of Sebek. Of course some of us are more Sebekian than others.
The largest deficit in expressing Sebek is the subjection to utilize the Law to build, but let ego get the best of us. When it does we are subject to forget and think we are the Creator. Rather than the maker of Persons, Places and Things of that are already created. That is why this Khalifah invariably brings Tehudi (wisdom) to remembrance whenever I am into a conscious Sebekian state of mind.
With that said, I remind one and all that we are now into the 2nd week of the present Solar Cycle journey. What are we doing? What are you doing? Still planting Physical and Spiritual seeds is what I am consciously doing when I am on point. The “seeds” are the Persons, Places and Things I planned to work with who are already, at some measured degree, close to me; i am looking to the Persons, Places and Things what I hope will become closer to me; and the Persons, Places and Things are coming into my Life Experience that presently I don’t know about.
My main task, or challenge remains securing and maintaining the 123 acres of land called The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village (KKVV). The uses we are making of this tract of the birth land of Nat Turner is so awesome it is self-evident to visitors. The Greenery of the Spring Equinox is happening very confidently, so are we. In fact, we are elated to have this wherewithal to prepare and expect there will be plenty of individuals revisiting and others coming for the first time during this Solar Cycle Journey. We do our work with that in mind.
I am grateful for the monetary donations that some on and off Face Book have made to connect directly with us. You will be sent a care package when the crops ripen; and KKVV await your presence to bestow upon you the Royal Welcome that your membership has already earned for you. Our first major event this Solar Cycle will be the Weekend of June; this is the time of our 22nd presentation of Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature. Black Journalists in particular ( writers and booksellers & families), but Black people in general will enjoy being present.
All who register will have opportunities to participate. We have already published or have in progress ten different book titles since last June. They as will Mr. Carol Barnes, who will lecture on the power pack book called Jazzy Melanin, will be present. Call 434-378-2140 or email publish@khabooks.com for more information.