SATURDAY (black), 3/25/2017=2= Tehudi=Wisdom; A Treatise on Mastery

SATURDAY (black), 3/25/2017=2= Tehudi=Wisdom

SATURDAY (black), 6/6/2015=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our Wisdom: A Treatise on Mastery. It is Wisdom that allows for our ability to Master of the delineated “Laws of the Maat.”
Near the Beginning, a game plan was conceived by the Original Man that every Human Being could practice to Master the Laws of our own Being; Beings created in the Image of our Father. As such, the Laws that Our Father used to create is also constituted within that which He did Create. Since the nature of all is to evolve, we are not Masters of all of the degrees of the Laws within us so we cannot create. However, Wisdom gives us the ability to replicate creating by making things and places out of what is already created. The practice in making things and places gives us degrees of mastery that will allow us to reach our divine potential.
Wisdom not only gives us the ability to Master the Law, Wisdom also conceived of the Master Plan by which all beings will achieve the feat. The Plan was to put us all in individual Destiny’s. Within our Destiny’s we encounter challenges and issues that we must deal with one way or the other to continue our Life Experience.

To overcome Challenges and Issues in life we must practice the Laws that predominate the challenge or issue. Meanwhile, the only known way to Master anything is to practice. When we apply the Law to overcome challenge we exercise/practice the parts of our being that will result in Master to certain degrees. Degrees are but estimations of Righteousness that is applied to overcome the challenges & issues.

Of course, eventually our Human suit will face a challenge that is beyond it’s ability to overcome, regardless to what degree of Mastery we have achieved. That is, unless you have achieved Mastery over every one of the 360 degrees of Creation.

When we have mastered the entire 360 degrees; and what happens next is beyond the scope of what we are saying this morning. But in short, with Mastery of the 360 degrees you become a god or goddess. Your job then will be to do what gods and goddesses do.


FRIDAY (green), 3/24/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=BALANCE DIVINE. GEB is the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to be balanced, or equal in the execution of our Words, Acts and our Deeds. Ausar is the Personification of having mastered each of the delineated laws. At this level of enlightenment everything about the Human Being is balanced to all Persons, Places and Things – bringing into manifestation a divine Being we were created to be.
Since the only known way to master anything is to practice; Righteously practicing/executing our Words, Acts and Deeds will achieve our objectives. And, I will add enhancements to our efforts to live “Wholesome, Satisfying, Successful, Enjoyable lives.”
P. S. I will be enjoying the FB experience to a lessening degree for awhile. I will be busy bringing other aspects of my life in closer alignment to some words I have had the opportunity to share with my wonderful, for the most part, FB Friends (smiling).
I am working on several projects – Securing and Maintaining KKVV, Completing several books to completion (my own primarily), planting food in KKVV Organic garden plot, a place that many like to see when they come here), and I may have to devote significant time to mating: feel my Queen is quite near.
In more words, I just need to reorganize my time – closing out some FB presence is the most logical place to get it. Meanwhile, you know where I am: Post Office Box 1, 26070 Barhams Hills Road – Drewryville, VA 23844 – 434-378-2140 12 noon to 3pm.

Auset:The Delineated Law of Maat that Governs Love & Change As Well As Chaos

THURSDAY (purple), 3/23/2017=9=Auset=Auset is the name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs Divine Love. The best thought I have accepted is that the love of Auset is the adhesive that holds the Universal All Together. As per all else in the on the Earth, love is apportioned to us by the degrees of our mastery of The Law of Maat that governs it.
THURSDAY (purple), 6/4/2015=9= Auset. Auset is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that holds the Universal All together. Of all elements; Persons, Places and Things in The Creation, it is Love that acts as the glue that holds them all together; thus, into the Oneness that total us all. It is the Law of Auset that attracts and holds Male and Female humans together long enough to procreate and keep The Creation ever evolving.
It is the divine nature of our Love and Affection that determines the length, productivity and our times together as mates (other relationship also). When the degree of divinity is reached in a relationship, to proceed is impossible without making changes, or adjustments. The adjustments are the changes necessary to accommodate, whatever…Auset is also the Law that predominates our ability to Change.
Change is the only natural ebb and flow within our Life Experience: the span between the time we are birthed from the Unseen until the time that we die and return to the Unseen. All Persons, Places and Things have purposes; destinies are played out in our Lives to permit fulfillment of our purposes. In other words, Sekher is the Law that predominates and empower our ability to overcome the challenges and issues that we face in our destiny’s.
When we practice the Law of Sekher we master certain degrees of the Law that empower us to overcome the challenges and issues. Mastery of the 360 degrees is the aim. Evolving into the Divine Order of The Creation is the Destination.

WEDNESDAY (BROWN), 3/22/2017=8=Sebek. Unification of Words, Acts & Deeds to make whole entities

WEDNESDAY (BROWN), 3/22/2017=8=Sebek. Unification of Words, Acts & Deeds to make whole entities in The Creation.
[edited] WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/13/2016=8=Sebek; the name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that governs our ability UNITE! Sebek is my own Mystic Number. On the Paut Neteru, the Tree of Life that our Ancient Ancestors conceived to assist in the mastery of the Universal Melanin Laws of the Creation, Sebek is a name for the law that governs our ability to put entities already created into united organisms that maybe considered a whole.
For example; Sebek is the law that we used to put letters together to make words, words together to make sentences, sentences together to make paragraphs, paragraphs together to make pages and pages together to make a whole book.
Moreover, as a Sebek, we have been instrumental in engaging the above process almost 600 times to make 600 different publications. Today, at this level of elevation in my Eldership we are actively bringing Persons, Places and Things together to Research, Document, Preserve and propagate the work, legacy and history surrounding the revolt of Nat Turner and the Liberation Army of 1831.
The preservation of the Legacy of Nat Turner is taking place even as we continue building the independent Black Institutions necessary to finally secure our Reparations; and begin the healing processes to make our people whole again. With the wholeness, the unity, we will have generated enough power to Free Black People. However, however, we mustn’t miss “the forest for the trees.” When a human is seen looking towards a wooded area, the question is asked ‘what do you see?’ the human will likely say ‘I don’t see anything but trees.’

But when a Human Being, a Mystic or ever however his or her degree of mastery is estimated, is asked what he or she sees, they will say a forest. This analogy is quite simple but illustrates what African people mustn’t do while we are putting together the entities to generate necessary power/mastery to Free Black People. The degrees of mastery was attained through Righteous practice of the laws necessary to successfully build Independent Black Institutions (building while getting through the forest that include the notion called White Supremacy Oppression: a failed experiment in socialization to govern Humans).
Today, 2016, sixteen years into the present century, Black people are still challenged by the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression. But the good news is we have survived the devastation of a MAAFA called the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Even better news is the practices we engage to overcome the challenges to survive stands us as one, dynamic, freedom bound Black people. All necessary are now being put together for the power to bash away and banish the evil, still haunting us, to smithereens. Don’t standby, get involved…Visit KKVV; plan a Nat Turner Trail Tour; attend a Black Book Awards Presentation for Excellence in Black Literature; Call 434-378-2140 for more information…”


TUESDAY (red), 3/21/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity; Treatise on Lack of Royal Dating Practice

TUESDAY (red), 3/21/2017=7=HetHeru=Creativity, Imagination. Treatise on the Lack of Royal Dating Practice
FOLLOWING is Part Two of a Treatise we offered during the early days of the last Solar Cycle Journey. In Part One we offered a premise on which a suggestion was made about how to solve one of the persisting dilemma’s haunting Black America: That is, how to live a Royal life when Black Male Youth get so little practice. At best they learn how to treat the Black woman royally later in life. At worse they lose their lives or wind up in prison before they learn. So please read the following with solving this dilemma in mind.
TUESDAY (red), 3/22/2016=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law of Creativity/Imagination
“…though I value and respect all my fb Friends, there are some i don’t want to read certain things about me.
“…The “things” I don’t want to share with everyone of my FB Friends are Good wholesome things. I feel it is definitely a good idea to share as much about ourselves as we feel comfortable doing. That is, if we are serious about attracting and qualifying for a Righteous or Righteously inclined mate. Moreover, the Queenly bearing in my Sister FB Friends, for the most part, is unmistakable, then on the other hand i feel many hasn’t, yet, experienced a Royal courtship or romance. I offer this treatise/suggestion to let Sisters experience some degrees of a Royal Courtship…”
EXAMPLE: I will send my bio in some intimate details to any sister who is interested in knowing more about me, my work or whatever. Hopefully it is someone who posts up in this Group (Melanin Mates Meeting & Healing) because you all are captivating, beautiful and interesting to me. But, maybe, not as a love mating friend.
Seems Face Book is writing a large book about “friendships” without the goodies. I too am evolving friendships with Sisters without expectation of said “goodies.” There are some things about what is proposed that aren’t prudent to say publicly. However, I will say, I don’t expect to be the ONLY man available: so brothers, send your information.
Friendships needn’t be about a physical relationship. I have some limited experience, successfully, relating to beautiful women for reasons other than physical sexual encounters.
The limitation is because as a publisher I have found that the surest way to not land a possible job to publish a Beautiful woman’s book is to hit on her when all she really wants is to have her manuscript published into a book.
I vision the above will work to help achieve our mission to bring about wholesome meetings of potential Melanin Mates. This suggestion will also help with the Healing of Melanin Mates who are already connected, but need healing to remain together. Wholesome, quality relationship spiritually empowers the Black nation like none other.
This suggestion will work as follows:
1) Using myself as an example, if you are interested in knowing more about what is proposed, to experience a Royal encounter, that may or may not lead to a Royal Courtship & beyond, send your information to my private email address at
2. Since we should put some controls on this initiative, everyone who exchanges anything with another on this forum should also send me, the administrator a copy to that effect.
The latter is especially important to me as this is ripe for exploitation. I don’t need the possibility someone will experienced something distasteful, if an examination of the overture may have mitigated or prevented it early enough.
Unless you have sincerely shared your correspondence with me, I may not take responsibility for your experience with anyone you meet as a result of what we are saying.
Let us go and have some wholesome fun, all in the spirit of the advice that Sister ASSATA SHAKUR gave to her sisters when She said:
“Sisters, if your man is not working to empower/free the Black Nation, Sister You aint got no man.”
Finally, if the above is somewhat confusing to you, you probably should read Part One of last week. As usual you may call to discuss whatever I write at 434-378-2140 10am to 3pm.

MONDAY (blue), 3/20/2017=6=Heru=Will Power; Treatise on Start of Present Solar Cycle Journey

MONDAY (blue), 3/20/2017=6=Heru= Self-Determination, Will Power, Justice; Avenging Prince

MONDAY (blue), 3/21/2016=6=Heru. Heru is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to have a strong Will Power to decide what is just and right and hold out until we get the desired result. That is what Heru is after. It is called Justice.
For example, people who base their life expectations, desires and hopes and dreams on the false notion of White Supremacy cannot hold the power because it was acquired using a false premise. What they build is doomed to fall because they are on the wrong side of the intent and purpose for The Creation, in the first place. The only one who knows for certain what the intent and purpose happens to be is The One Who created it all. However, Melanin Science teaches us many things of a certainty about The Creation.
The basic “certainty” is that the aim and purpose for bringing The Creation into manifestation was not to have one Human species chattel slave for another. And, even if this was so, the enslaved species would certainly not be the Originals brought into being with The Creation.
The Originals are the Black men and Women of Africa. The Royalty and the strongest are us who survived the “Hell Trip” (called Middle Passage in a failed attempt to dress up the hell that went on during the journey from our Fatherland, Mother Africa).
Moreover, it is also of a certainty that the aim and purpose for the gift of life is to master the processes that makes for a successful, satisfying, wholesome and enjoyable life experience. Mastery of the Law that constitutes Melanin Science to certain degrees, are necessary for successful Life Experiences.
Since the only known way to master anything is to overcome challenges, we instill within candidates initiated into the KKVV Rites of Passage Camp into Black Manhood, they will not overcome the challenges necessary to get here unless they have a certain degree of Will Power; the ones who don’t make it weaken and “try” to drop out before they complete the mental and physical exercise challenges. Others go through once, never to return and complete the processes. While good percentages do go through multiple times.
Finally, had our Learned Ancestors not sufficient Will Power, Self-Determination and the wherewithal to pass on a legacy to resist oppression in whatever form it present itself, we would have perished as individuals and as a good Freedom Bound people long before this day. Overcoming the challenges during and after the various “Hell Trips” made us so strong we not only survive, but in every era we also thrive.
We are now in the new Solar Cycle Journey. It has a Heru beginning. Us who are conscious of the Journey will stand a better chance to avail self to the plentiful opportunities to “Do For Self!” during the trip around the Sun in our Earth Space Ship. The basic requirement to “Do for Self” rather than enjoy the crumbs from the slave owners table; or to use your superior strength to acquire dynamic power that is used to lead in White Supremacy Dominated Systems; the basic requirement is Will Power.
So Be Well Good people in this Present Solar Cycle Journey. I If you are reading this commentary, if you were not before, hence forward, you are now conscious of It: You, from this day forward, can begin to numerate the number of times you are a Conscious Traveler during the Solar Cycle Journey. This is my 7th.

SUNDAY (yellow), 3/19/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Emotion Control: Last Posting in Present Solar Cycle Journey

SUNDAY (yellow), 3/19/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotion; Self-Protection.
SUNDAY (yellow), 12/11/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Emotional Control; Self Control; Self Protection. The Ancient Ancestors, who delineated The Law into what they named the “Laws of Maat,” told us that The Creator does not have a further part in protecting that which was Created: everything that Persons, Places and Things need to have successful, Satisfying, Wholesome, Enjoyable Life Experiences – were created & included within our Being in The Beginning. This most definitely includes the fact we must protect ourselves.
The Neter, Attribute, Law, Arisha or whatever other ways we name to personalize “The Laws of Maat” – Neterian Scholars translated and interpreted HeruKhuti as the most important law to master to protect ourselves. That is control over our emotions.
In the preparation period of The Final Judgment, in the Present Solar Cycle Journey, (in 2016) we experienced a lot of Persons, Places & Things entering, leaving, or repositioning relationships with us. Many are terribly, emotionally charged. Others we say “good riddance” as we are glad to be rid of what maybe called “riff raff.” The harder the leaving the more painful, distress or frustrating will the tug on our emotional make up as Humans.
Meanwhile, our Ancestors gave us what we could call a wonderful, ever moving classroom full of lessons; lessons that impose requirements to practice the “Laws of Maat.” The application of HeruKhuti controls our emotions, or anger, joy, happiness and everything else that we encounter in the moving classroom.
We just gave an additional name to The Solar Cycle Journey: “Moving Classroom.” I hope you agree that “Moving Classroom” is an apt, clarifying description for the Solar Cycle Journey.
The Solar Cycle Journey is the trip of the Earth, and everything that is riding on it, around the Sun. This cycle is one of the most, if not THE most, important of many cycles that occur and duplicates events during our Life Experience. When we become conscious of The Cycle and strive to abide in righteous practice of The Law we are anointed the Title of Human Being. You then have attained to a Spiritual Degree of Mastery.
In the Moving Classroom; the earth is traveling around the Sun at about 37,000 miles per hour, every lesson we need to keep moving while living Wholesome, Successful, Satisfying, Enjoyable lives are being learned. The only thing finite or limited is the Master illusion known as Time. That is the Time we are birthed from the Unseen to the time we die and return to the Unseen.
This is Life: and what we Understand. of what we Know about it, gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to achieve the Essence of Life. That is to balance the Human to the requirements of our Being within it. A more common way to term our Being is our Spirit. What is the Essence of Life you may be wondering? This is a question I am willing to discuss privately…
The Lessons we learn during the Solar Cycle Journey are earned and learned in 0ur practice of “The Laws of Maat.” To live one more-minute, every day of our Life, we must use/practice The Law.
Since practice does, indeed, make perfect, as we practice the law to overcome the challenges or issues in our lives we are also mastering the “Laws of Maat” at the same time. The Degrees of mastery that we obtain in the practice is based on the degree of righteousness we use to overcome the challenge or issue.
And this Dear Reader is what the Final Judgment in the Solar Cycle Journey is all about. Another way to say the same thing is, The Final Judgment is to get our final grade in the Moving Classroom during the present Solar Cycle Journey. The aim is to master every lesson, challenge or issue by practicing the law 100% righteously each time it is used. The measurement gives us the degree of mastery we attain to in the present Solar Cycle Journey.
CERTAIN DEGREED HUMAN BEINGS AIM TO MASTER THE LAW 100%. Since this is very unlikely to be achieved during one Solar Cycle Journey, the Final Judgment will render to us what we must practice to prepare to successfully reach 100% degrees of mastery during the next Solar Cycle Journey. This advice can be applied during the next Solar Cycle Journey . That is all for now. You may read more by researching or(beginning, circa. Tomorrow, 3/20/2017).

Oh yeah, in the Final Judgment we may be renderd new names or titles based on our acquired degrees of Mastery. Some names are also given as challenges to live up to. What is your name: Call 434-378-2140.

SATURDAY (black), 3/18/2017=4=Maat; A Man Conceived Vision of Divine Order

SATURDAY (black), 3/18/2017=4=Maat; A visionary state of Divine Order
[edited] SATURDAY (black), 3/19/2016=22=4-Maat. Maat is a name for the vision of the Divine Order that our Ancestors conceived for The Creation. The Creation happens to be in Divine Order; in Divine Order, Persons, Places and Things are Equal and balanced to each other. The concept of the ancestors, and us who can conceive of such, is a state in our Life Experience where all Humans are equal to each other.
A state of Maat is what many feel our Ancestors in Kemit wanted to practice; and it is also what us who attain to a certain degree of mastery want to practice. But just as our Ancestors could vision but were unable to actualize living 100% in the state of Maat, so it is with many of who can vision the concept but are unable to actualize living 100% in the state of Maat in the year 2017.
Though we are not 100% able to, we continue to strive to be “Maatian” in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds. Since practice does make perfect: striving to live the Laws/applying them to overcome challenges and issues is what we do. The doing includes working to obtain justice for all Persons, Places and Things that have been wronged. In example, the Freedom, Justice & Equality of Black people was stolen, lost or strayed.
While it is often, purposeful and pleasurable to practice spiritual disciplines without a direct regard to the reclamation of what was stolen, lost or strayed, it is fantastical to live in a Spiritual bubble – believing the scales of justice will be balanced sans resistance Injustice.
On the other hand, of course, as per the Black Nationalist Elders i met in my intro, in Harlem, N. Y., living in a bubble also beget a disdain for spirituality; shunning Spirituality will not balance the scales of justice either. After all, balance the state of being to maximize power.
The Legacy of our ancient day Ancestors showed us The Way. The Legacy of our Middle day Ancestors showed us the way to survive the theft of our Freedom, Justice & Equality. And, We are extremely thankful that we have Latter Day Ancestors like Dr. Frances Welsing, Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Sister Reda Faard Khalifah, Prof. John H. Clarke, Dr. ben Jochannan, Prof. Preston Wilcox, Dr. Wade Nobles, Brother Steve Cokeley, War Correspondent Del Jones, Brother Kwame Ture & etc. who embedded the Knowledge. Everything they taught and everything that we strive to practice, is within the basic context of The Message of Elijah.
Moreover, we with a certain degree of understanding of the Knowledge acquire equivalent degrees of Wisdom to practice the essence within it; i.e. another example), “We Must have some Land.” “Build Independent Black Institutions.” “Live Spiritual Principles rather that live within Belief Systems.” “Do For Self” and etc. al. ……………..Peace!
THE CONTINUUM ENDING THE PRESENT SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY IS PROJECTING US INTO THE NEW BEGINNING OF THE NEXT: IT IS UPON US. We are tying up some loose ends, putting in place what is possible in Final Preparation for the next journey of the Earth around the Sun: The Solar Cycle Journey. The beauty of the Legacy of our Ancestors is that Participants in the Solar Cycle Journey actually practice all the Laws necessary to establish Maat (as per the beginning of this treatise).


FRIDAY (green), 3/17/2017=3=Sekher=Power.
[edited] FRIDAY (green), 2/19/2016=3=Sekher=Power that gives us the ability to back up our determination to execute our WAD’S (Words, Acts & Deeds) to enjoy Freedom, Justice & Equality. Practicing the use of the previous law of Tehudi; Sekher, combined with the law that adds up to and reduce to a Master digit of 1 or 11 (HetHeru), we Wisely practice the use of our Sekher (power) in creative imaginative ways.
The Challenge for Black people to be imaginative, creative ways while living successful, enjoyable lives while maximizing our contributions to the total uplift, the total freedom of Black people. The last part is what trip many up. They like the successful enjoyable parts. But somewhere along the path of surviving White Supremacy Oppression, many get the notion that they need not concentrate, and focus, their efforts on the Liberation Struggle of African people.
Denying equal input into the Black Liberation Struggle, while Enjoying Success within the confines of oppression, may have been necessary to survive in the past. Of course highly degree Captives like Nat Turner also maximized their contributions while he enjoyed his success in the confines.
Like President Barack Obama today, Nat Turner realized his extraordinary gifts early his life. Both used the power to become but two of the many Great Community Organizers in Black History.
Also, like Barack Obama, though Nat Turner enjoyed the job, he realized soon enough that organizing Captive Africans would not achieve his objectives – to Reclaim our Freedom, Justice & Equality. He decided he needed more Sekher (power). We see clearly what he did to secure the additional power. We also see clearly what Barack Obama did to acquire additional power: He involved himself in “The System” of oppression.
Nat Turner went deeper into his Spiritual practices. When Humans go deeper into Spirituality they practice Mysticism. A Mystic is about as likely to give up their enjoyment and success in Mysticism as Barack Obama was going give up his Presidency in white supremacy oppression. It will not happen. The large question in our success, while surviving and living enjoyable lives is HOW DO WE BALANCE THE SUCCESS WE ENJOY AND ALSO MAKE OUR MAXIMIUM CONTRIBUTION TO THE BLACK LIBERATION STRUGGLE AT THE SAME TIME?
When we read Nat Turner’s own words he shares some of his Mystic and Spiritual practice. This how he made a mighty contribution to the Liberation Struggle and enjoyed his success in the world: He said: “…it also revealed to me the knowledge of the elements, the revolution of the planets, the operation of the tides, and changes of the seasons.” A mystic enjoys this kind of stuff.
While we prepare for the next The Solar Cycle Journey, studying is giving us enjoyment and success as it did Nat Turner 184 years ago. We know that during this period (Amen) of the present Solar Cycle Journey in 1831, Mr. Turner was preparing to plant both spiritual and physical seeds in the planting season. What physical and spiritual seeds are we preparing to plant during the 2017 planting season? We will be ready when it warms up…

THURSDAY (purple), 3/16/2017=2=Wisdom; Reasons We Do or Not Practice Self-Determination

THURSDAY (purple), 3/16/2017=2=Wisdom.
[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 1/28/2016=2=Tehudi. Tehudi is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to be wise in making choices; the choices are expressed in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds (W.A.D.’s). Ideally we make determinations to execute our WAD’s in our own best interest. But, of course, there are times when you practice Self-Determination in the Best Interest of other Persons, Places or Things.
For example; Perhaps, the greatest pleasure of a loving mate is to bestow upon the beloved that which we love for ourselves. In this case you willing give up what is yours for the pleasure you receive when it is given to a loved one. Of course, as the nature of truly Loving happens to be: When you give to a worthy person, place or thing, what you get back in return cannot be estimated. Loving and being Loved, in particular, the return cannot be estimated but we know the area in which it lives within us: it is in the region where Bliss resides.
The greatest contrary reason NOT to practice Self-Determination is when Humans and Human Beings suffer oppression. Humans who are oppressed first have their humanity suppressed. The enslaver & oppressor, etc., are names to describe criminals that use fear to both suppress and oppress other Persons, Places or Things (P.P.T.’s). The victim fear consequences for not acting in the best interest of the criminal.
Maybe the favorite cruelty of White Supremacist Oppressors was/is the threat to sell or brutalize a members of our family, if we don’s acquiesce and do their bidding. In other words African individuals and the National Black Community collectively were forced to practice our humanity in the Best Interest of white people, (for the most part).
The instillation of fear by White Supremacist was carried on so heartless, so viciously, cruelly & purposefully for so many generations, Black people contracted a malady called Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder. One symptom of PTSD is that the untreated Brother or Sister, even when fear is not a factor, acts in the Best Interest of the Oppressor, rather than the Best Interest of Self and Kind.
Eminent Scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson nailed the malady in a quote in his book, “The Mis-Education of the Negro.” He said: “…If the educated Negro could go off and be white he might be happy, but only a mulatto now and then can do this. The large majority of this class, then, must go through life denouncing Black people because they are trying to run away from the Blacks and decrying the Blacks because they are not white…”
‘“…When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his “’proper place”’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary…”
We first reprinted the classic by the Founder of Black History Month in September, 1992. We put the above quotes on the back cover at that time. Unfortunately there is a pernicious error in one of the quotes. It is so pernicious and disgusting that we will replace the book with no questions asked. Bring the crazy typo’d book with you when you come to KKVV. Otherwise you’ll have to pay shipping costs twice.

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