Thank you Sister Monica…
1. My name is H. Khalif Khalifah. I have been an admirer of The Chamber since I first met you in 2013. When you beat back the effort to stop the Baseball field in Shotton Bottom, I celebrated with you.
2. I live on a 123 acre tract of land that is a part of the birth plantation of one the greatest, most successful Mystics of all time: Great Master Nat Turner.
3. I am the Senior Tour Guide for the Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army that he organized and led back in 1831.
4. The history about the work of the Black Liberation is the best known AND documented of all Black history, before the discovery of how to capture sounds and pictures
5. My work to share and preserve the historical record about Nat Turner is unique: The only one that comes close o what I do is a descendant of one of the “Victims,” from a family that lost their lives trying to keep our ancestors in Chattel Slavery: They were killed; and at least one was minced, cut up into little pieces, by The Black Liberation Army of1831.
The name of the minced victim descendant is Rick Francis; and understandably, Rick Francis has a public, as well as a hidden agenda for his work with the Nat Turner documentation. Since we know how deceitful white people have been about history, I will not talk about his Hidden agenda. I too have a public agenda: mine is to earn enough money to do my work. My not so public agenda is to edify and empower Black people, historically born Black people in the United States of America
6. As an Elder closer to 4 score than 3, I am, today I am confronted by a challenge that is requiring that I either get a good job or sell the 103 acres of my greatest physical asset: The Nat Turner Land.
7. What I personally will lose if I sell; and what the National Black Community will lose in general is a place to grow whole food and herbs; The Manup Rites of Passage Camp into Black Manhood; a Place of Destination for Black people during crisis, a wholly owned wonderful place to visit and vacation; a play for adults and children to play and have some healthy fun and games
8. Finally, this coming February 11, again, we will commemorate one of the most important, but least known dates in Black History, February 12, 1831. The commemoration this year will be Saturday, February 11. One of the commemoration activities is a return visit to the Nat Turner Trail; hear some good Black music; eat some wholesome food; and added this year, is an announcement of what will probably be my last proposal to Black people to support security and the Reality to empower Black people, now in the present generation.
Thank You!
If I have any time remaining I will be glad to answer questions…Please give your name and any affiliation you may have with me or to Rick Francis.
I, like Nat Turner Am a practicing Mystic, but getting what I desire, living in White Supremacy Oppression, is a bit more difficult from 100 miles away.

My FB Friend Sister Nefertari Heru Said: “Trump Will Make Nixon Look Like a Choir Boy”

MONDAY (blue), 1/23/2017=7=HetHeru=Imaginative, Creative use of Power.
My FB Friend Sister Nefertari Heru Said: “Trump Will Make Nixon Look Like a Choir Boy.”I agree 100%. Fortunately: 1) The Creator always returns to us more than we earn or deserve via our Words, Acts and Deeds. for evil doers and their doing. In my book, this is called Grace 2) However; also fortunately, There is a limit to receiving that of a Positive nature of Grace
The limit for “evil doing” is breached when the doers of evil go past the limits; the limits, in the case or Black people, is when the Rulers of the false notion of the White Supremacy based Republic, called the United States of America, do not heed the demand of a critical mass.(the primary victims of their evil doing and let the people go.) Further, rather than let Black people go, the “Rulers of America” have actually increased their efforts to stop us from exercising our rights in the so-called Republic.
This is where the “Acquisition and Proper Use of Power” comes front and center…you will know that the “Critical mass” is being approached when the manifestation from doing “Proper Work” is evident. As always “The Power is in the People,” so taught Mr. Huey P. Newton, and other Learned Ancestors of Black people. Just in case you do not know, or understand what you do know about “Proper work,” allow me to advise:
1) Black people are so intricately woven into the very fabric of the White Supremacy based government that if you are unsure of what you should do in the face of the revving up of evil doing by crass Rulers, like Donald Trump, we say do not leave your positions in “The System;” or go elsewhere, until you have empowered yourself to become an “Independent” worker” out of it.
Holding the power you now have, and using it more righteous and effectively is “Proper Use in the Acquisition…” And, Whether you work inside or outside of “The System” as an Independent, find out how to increase your power and effectiveness.
Today is a HetHeru Neter dominated day. HetHeru as well as its complimentary Neter, Sekher (Maat Law of Power) are both enhanced. So be creative in your use of power today.
If you are still confused, or uncertain about what “Proper work” is in White Supremacy Oppression, as the command of United Brothers Communication System suggested, in Harlem, N. Y. in 1976,”Ask somebody who is doing something.”

THURSDAY (purple), 1/19/2017=3=Sekher=Power: Pt. 2 Understanding Response to Critics of Dr. Umar Ifatunde

SISTER CATHY HARRIS, Thank you for the context of words when you called me Elder. It means a lot to me; for we have worked hard to serve the Total Black community: So at a given time a certain number may be at odds with each other. There is nothing wrong with that, in my view, so long as they stay with the facts; are not disagreeable and are sincere. In my opinion your person and volume of journalistic work meets both criteria.
I try to comment only on how individuals present them self to me: i can only hope this is seen and appreciated in my response to you vs Dr. Umar Ifatunde.
Baba Awadu Keidi and i go back into the 1990’s: So, as Conscious Elders, me more elderly, with a “Body of Work” that tells who we are and where we have been; as well as the Path we are on the move Within, our long years have allowed us to witness the emergence of many. Most appear for a “New York minute” then fade back and, when they are sincere and work hard and smart find a good place in the general populace.
Others present their Personage in their emergence, searching for or having found good, productive Places & Things that others find value in and are willing to pay for – giving us necessary Independent resources/energy to remain steadfast and relevant to The African Liberation Struggle as Human Beings; Respectfully, You, Keidi and I generally work and have our Being at this “Agonizingly,” wonderful, productive, satisfying, enjoyable and peaceful station.
Still others arrive with the potential to become dynamic, trans-formative agents for the total liberation of African people. They are rare and are so consummate, well prepared and dynamic when they arrive, we can only hope they see enough value in what we are doing that they deem useful in their assent. Totally dependent on their degree of perception and acceptance of our work, the potentially Trans formative Blackman and Woman will permit the usefulness for our products or service to be leverage that will give them pause in the face of many perilous decisions they are called on to get Right every time via the Execution of their Words, Acts & Deeds.
While it is impossible to get every decision Right, every time, the majority that are, oftentimes are over shadowed by the ones they get not so right. In essence, as Elders we try to mitigate the “Not so right” decisions. In other words, Hopefully the potentially Transformative Agent for Black liberation and freedom will be humble enough in disposition to accept direct advice. Since this is nearly impossible, Elders are called on to find palpable ways to reach such dynamic personalities. Another word for “reach” as used here is leverage.
Most times, to “Learned Elders” dynamic personalities become “Work/Humans in progress.” As such they are guided and supported to find The Path that will mitigate their Errors, Mistakes and Excesses at the decisions all Humans and Human Beings are called on to make in life. This is embracing a Spiritual Path that balances our Spirituality and Physicality, In the case of the potentially Transformative Agent, his or her Dynamic Personality is the Physicality.
“A dominating personality is founded on physical energy which is a neutral result of physical energy.” —- Dwight D. Morris


January 17, 2017
As usual FB Sister Cathy Harris, your reporting is based on research about the facts as you found them. Also, your reporting, commentary and conclusions are not unreasonable. Your reputation, history for excellent Journalism and fearlessness “Whistle blowing” stands you on solid ground to take the assessment of Dr. Umar Ifatunde as you have. However, all are in contradiction to how this strong, super talented charismatic young man presented himself and spent the afternoon with this elder on 11/11/2011.
Back then I could sense a degree of innocence; and that he was entering deep water and pitfalls – challenges in a territory of which he was not familiar. But since I know firsthand the price talented, independent minded, committed Pan African/Black nationalist leaders must pay is a steep one. I may have been too careful relating to him in ways that would NOT throw him off track, or be a distraction.
My chosen way to relate to talented, prepared to serve Black youth, is by gentle persuasion and the power of suggestion. This has been successful ways for more than a few.
I sensed early on a strong possibility that my way would not be enough to prepare Dr. Umar. But, “Many things considered,” a decision was taken to leave him to experience the lessons in the “school of hard knocks – hoping against hope none of the mistakes he was bound to make would NOT be fatal. With Tuesday, January 17, 2017 as evident, so far Dr. Umar hasn’t made a fatal mistake.
But as your thorough expose’ and dressing down gives him and his history, the latest one is too close to ignore. In fact, one of the major lessons I learned at U.C.L.A. (University of 125th Street and Lenox Ave., in Harlem) may have apropos now: That is, “This will make him or break him.” I will bet on the former; and try my best to stand by him to ensure my confidence in Dr. Umar Ifatunde will not be broken by the consummate journalistic writing by Sister Cathy Harris. Up to last night I had not attended one of his, now, classic lectures, since 2012.
I shall try to get closer to Dr. Umar: so that he will know Elder advice and counsel is there if feels a need for such. Getting closer will not be easy, but doing so may help him to avoid some “Unforced mistakes” in the future. It will not be easy because from personal experience, the necessary, focused, singularity Ways of a successful, effective independent Black nationalist leader is to hold his or her own counsel.
A closing “shout out” and thanks again to Sister Cathy Harris. Your clear analysis of where he is and what he has done, I will more easily help me to avoid being blinded by my hopes and expectations that he will continue to evolve and become The Man of his declared intentions: A Great Pan-African Champion for Black people.

WEDNESDAY (brown), 1/18/2017=2=Tehudi=Wisdom; DR. UMAR IFATUNDE IN DURHAM

WEDNESDAY (brown), 1/18/2017=2=Tehudi=Wisdom. Wisdom to “Do the right thing at the right time in the right frame of mind.” In Other words, to speak right, act right and have the right intentions in every place and time. Do the research to understand how to attain mastery over Tehudi: Yes, mastery over the execution of the Law of Maat called Wisdom.
This was our first Umar Johnson event since knowing about the controversy swirling around him. From what I saw last night, maybe to the dismay of his opposition, the controversy appears to be having the amazing affect of boosting his appeal. The venue in Durham was at a roomy facility called The Hayti Center. Black people filled the place with a Standing Room Only crowd of people, excited to see, in person, “The Prince of Pan-Africanism.” He did not disappoint.
As we have said before, when I enjoined the African Liberation Struggle, several decades ago, “The Elders were on the lookout for a qualified, talented unafraid, charismatic personality to represent “Black Nationalist Thought and Practice.” Pan Africanism is the overall term used for the Universal African/Black Independence Movement: so don’t be confused.
We also must not be confused when we estimate the magnitude of the correctness and importance of message bringers like Dr. Umar. He is a genuine Super Star who is unafraid to stand on the hallowed ground that only uncompromised, independent Blackmen and Blackwomen can work and have their Being. For sure, there is a steep must price that they willingly pay.
We may question anything; dislike anything, especially his public mistakes, but one thing one can ill afford, if they themselves are sincere advocates for the Liberation of African people. That is, the work Umar Johnson is doing is good and absolutely necessary to empower Black people. His message is unabashedly tailor made to address the must needs of Black people; today and for all time. Many times in life, there is uniquely only one thing that can do the proverbial “Job.” Speaking factually bravely in opposition to the false notion of White Supremacy Oppression is IT FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE in The United States of America.
Of course, Black people have never, ever, in any period of time, in any generation lacked for committed, dedicated, courageous, talented, good looking Charismatic Leaders. But to put my own estimation about the potential and the actuality of Dr. Umar Johnson in perspective let me just say, relatively few of our would-be- qualified, unafraid liberators today or yesterday have been SUPERSTARS. That is, carriers of The Special Something that the Black masses feel they must come out to see and hear he or she “Speak Truth to Power.”

MONDAY (blue), 1/16/2017=9=Auset=Love: Treatise on Loving Divinely

MONDAY (blue), 1/16/2017=9=Auset=Love. Love has the potential to become divine love if the ‘Lovers’ are Righteous or Righteously inclined. Auset is also the Law of Maat that governs that of change; and also that of chaos. Even Righteous or Righteously inclined Humans who do not have the wherewithal to change (to accommodate each other), may see their blissful love dissolve into chaos. Of course this possibility can be mitigated by the degree of mastery they attain over the Law of Auset.
It is not coincidental that Auset follows SEBEK on the Paut Neteru (Tree of Life). If that which Sebek bring together is not Righteous or Righteously inclined, it will not be anointed with the Divine Love of Auset. “You See,” Divine Love is like the glue that holds the Universal All into the ONENESS that it happens to be. [There is an abundance of information that can be found about Auset and the Paut Neteru, online and in books & things.


Surely We turn ourselves, being upright to He who originated All, Persons, Places & Things
We are not polytheist But we have been deeply unjust to ourselves
In that we have not mastered the Laws of Maat
Not having mastered the Melanin Law of the Universe
We make mistakes, we go into error & we indulge in excesses
Therefore; we seek refuge in Thee against all of our faults
For none can grant refuge against faults but Thou
In the State of Amen the State in which we were
Created within as divine Beings
On this day and forever
We will be mindful in the execution of our Words, Acts & Deeds
As the divine Beings we were created to be
They will be spoken, enacted & intended
As the divine Beings we are striving to be
As we take care of Our Duties & Our Responsibilities to our children,
to our grandchildren, to our mates, to our future mates as
well as to those who meditate at the hour of eight
Bless those who are with us, bless the ones with sincere desires to be and
Bless others who may be coming into our experiences, on this day and forever……..ASE!
[The above was taken from the book, “Mastering the Laws of Creation: Introduction to Melanin Science]

SUNDAY (yellow/gold), 1/15/2017=8=Sebek: A TREATISE ON THE DELINEATED ‘LAWS OF MAAT’

SUNDAY (yellow/gold), 1/15/2017=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to combine elements, compounds, Persons, Places or Things to make what Humans consider to the wholes. Meanwhile, Human Beings Understand to certain degrees that there is only one Whole and that is the Unity of the Universal All. The Universal Melanin Law that predominates the Words, Acts & Deeds of Universal All is the source of the delineated “Laws of Maat.”
There is a “Small mountain of evidence,” as one of my Ancestor Teacher/Mentor, Friends and neighbor in my Harlem, NYC years explained to me, (Prof. John H. Clarke) that is available to be studied, dissected for better understanding of the above: that is Sebek, Laws of Maat, The Universal All, Delineated laws, The Law & etc. Search FaceBook,, & etc.
If you want some direct discussion, make a small statement or answer to a few questions to assist in the Understanding, hopefully your degree of Understanding gives you the Wisdom to contact “Somebody Who is Doing Something” in that regard; and have brought into manifestations Persons, Places and Things to show and prove the sound estimations they will give to you.

FRIDAY (green), 1/13/2017=6=Heru: The Avenging Prince

FRIDAY (green), 1/13/2017=6=Heru=Self-Determination, Resolute, Focused. Heru is the Avenging Prince in ancient Kemit mythology. To avenge the murder of his father, the King, he has to practice the “Laws of Maat,” overcoming all challenges to attain Mastery of All. He succeeds and ascends, to the throne and rules benevolently like unto his Dad. Us Human Beings operating on a certain degree/frequency of Understanding Knowledge about the enslavement and other forms of oppression acquire the Wisdom to strive to avenge the brutalization of Black people.


THURSDAY (purple), 1/12/2017=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions; Self-Protection. HeruKhuti is estimated to be the 5th Neter of the Tree of Life. The Neters are the attributes of the Tree. Further, the Ancestors of Ancient Kemit gave the Neters, according to the translations and interpretations of Neterian Scholars, names called The Laws of Maat.
Primarily for the benefit of Humans and Human Beings who have recently befriended me or became acquainted with my daily Spiritual exercise in the “Acquisition and Proper Use of Power,” I will give a brief review of a portion of one of my daily routines in preparation for the days of the week. For more degreed or advanced Human Beings, you already Understand that each day has a number; the numbers represent a particular Law of Maat. Today’s number 5 was named HeruKhuti and is the Attribute that represents our ability to control our emotions.
Meanwhile control over our emotions is the strongest means we possess to protect ourselves. If looked at as one if the Laws of Maat, HeruKhuti is the Law that allow us to govern our Emotions. Still further, each day gives us a Planet in our Solar System; and the Planets possess a particular color. This explains the opening paragraph in my posting today.
Anyone desirous of asking a question, have a discussion or make a brief statement, please share your feeling In this mediam; or call me at 434-378-2140, 10am to 2pm. If busy, please call back. More information about my work is readily available at; or Google to read the sharing about the estimation of,practice of and reasonsfor The Laws of Maat by others. Thank you.

Changing The Trajectory Of Black Behavior

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Osiris Akkebala
3 hrs •
Changing The Trajectory Of Black Behavior
Chief Elder Osiris
Not since Garvey, have we Black people had A Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan influence in the world that Black Men like Nkrumah can be influenced in a positive way toward Afrika and the Black self.
In 2017, there need to be a call to Black people by serious Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans, to come to a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan conference, so to establish a Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan agenda that will be the focus on Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom, and such an agenda is to be made known to the East And West Power Nations, so that there can be no mistake of there being a difference in Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans and Black America Nationalist.
We Black Afrika Nationalist must be willing to make sure that the world know that even within the Black Race, there are various factions that do not subscribe to Black Afrika Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism and Vice Versus .
Now, being a Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan, it does not mean that Black Afrika Nationalism is in opposition to America White and Black America Nationalism, it just mean that there are Black Afrikans in America who understand our spiritual connection to Afrika, and being Black Afrikans in America not by choice, we have a patriotic duty to Afrika, just as the White America Nationalist feel like they have to America.
There is nothing belligerent about Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans desiring to focus our attention on reclaiming Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans and to cease with the tribal division of Black Afrikan people in favor of unity of oneness among Black people, being Black is the only natural sign of our true Divine identity.
White America must come to be aware of the difference in the Black Nationalist in America not by choice and the Black America Nationalist who also is in America not by choice, and that it is the Black Afrika Nationalist who is responsible to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, to collect their Reparation, and to take our Enslaved Ancestors Back Home to Afrika, with the children of those Enslaved Afrikans, having a Right to become the next established State in Afrika, that is the direction that the trajectory of the Black Afrika Nationalist behavior must be in motion toward, today.
Such is the reason why there must be a coming together of Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans, so that the agreeing of mind can be established, and can not be compromised, and Reparation belonging to our Enslaved Ancestors, represent our Freedom from America, and to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Is A Noble Cause To Fight For..
Therefore, anybody with respect for those Afrikans who were Enslaved by America and her surrogates, should know and be able to understand that the Black Afrikans In America not by choice, is in demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, proud of our Afrika Nationalism, and we do so without hesitation.
America must pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, which they have already earned, and the serious Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan must not cease from demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation until justice is done to them, thus, to their Black Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan children, we who are in America not by choice.
Such A Black Nationalist Pan Afrikan Gathering, is way over due, Black Woman and Man !!!
2017 must be the action year of Black Nationalism and Pan Afrikanism without a doubt about what we must do to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation Freedom, away from America, with Afrika to be our destination !!!
The Doctrine Of Garvey Black Nationalism Pan Afrikanism Is The Only Sermon Black Afrikans Need To Hear And Submit Too, That Is If Black Afrikans Are Serious About Becoming Free Again, Black Afrikans Are Not Free Today, Black People!!!
Chief Elder
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